Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cherry Chocolate Biscotti

You know, you can go weeks, months even without thinking of cherries, and then all of a sudden they are front and center two days in a row. Today my daughter and I made one of our favorite recipes a chocolate cherry biscotti from Cooking Light.

Since it's from Cooking Light, you don't feel too guilty eating them. Normally I don't like desserts with whole wheat flour in them, they just taste too healthy. But you can't really taste it in these. Plus they have chocolate and anything with chocolate is good.

I like to keep them on the counter in a vintage jar that belonged to my husband's grandmother. Don't you love using old things that have been in the family? I know some people like to put old things away so that they don't get damaged or broken, but I want them out to enjoy them. I think that's what his grandmother would have wanted. It makes me smile just to look at it.


Toya said...

OMG,, your biscotti looks so good!

Blossom said...

I just copied your recipe for Cherry Chocolate Biscotti. If I ever get caught up in this course, I'll try it. I keep getting sidetracked when I try to finish the assignments.
I just finished reading The Glass Castle. It was great.


MariaS said...

I love chocolate and a healthy dessert makes it a double winner.
I like all the pictures in your blog. Great job! MariaS