Hip to be Square…New Dinnerware

I have decided that I need new dinnerware. The white Pfaltzgraff dishes that we use now are at least 12 years old. And while, they are still perfectly usable, I am in the mood for something more stylish.
I like the above dishes, CB2 dishes. The only problem with these are that they would have to be shipped. I am leary of shipping dishes, what if they get here and half of them are broken? Also, they will weigh a ton, so shipping will be an added cost.

These dishes are available from Linens and Things. I don’t think they have the style of the above dishes, but I do like the oval shaped bowl. Plus, they are in town, so no shipping costs.

Target also has a set of square white dishes, but everytime I try our store, they are sold out. I am not sure if they sell the dishes individually and I don’t need a set that includes mugs, because we definitely do not need anymore mugs.

On a cooking note, I made a vegetable stirfry from some produce from my CSA.

There was no real recipe, I used the whole head of bokchoy and the one yellow squash. I added some onions and I wish that I had some mushrooms because it needed something “meaty”. I garnished it with toasted cashews and made a simple sauce with soy sauce, brown sugar and a little chicken stock. It was good, but I would not make a good vegetarian.

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  1. Lori says

    Since I’ve been making the effort to cook more (as opposed to serving “Bag O’Dinner”s 4 times a week ~ now I only do it once :oD ), I treated myself to some new dinnerware pieces. Normally unadventurous in nature, I went a little nutty and bought these:
    Baja Collection
    Good luck on your hunt for new stuff!