Lists, Lists, and More Lists

I am a list person, I love lists. I love to make lists, I love to scratch out or check off items on my lists. Everyday, I open my daily calendar and make a list for that day. Some of the items are repeats from my cleaning folder, which has cleaning lists of things to do each day. The more places that I have the same item listed the better, that’s just more places where I can check it off. For example, today, I have laundry on my personal daily calendar, and I have it on my monthly cleaning chores chart. So, today after doing laundry, I was able to check it off in both places. Checking it off twice makes me feel even more accomplished.

I use this blog to keep a list of the books that I’ve read so far this year. I also have that list beside my bed in a reading journal. Writing it down, making a note, it’s all so reinforcing to me. And with this blog, I’ve discovered another reinforcement, the changing of the “what I’m reading now” link, and the adding of the completed book on my book list. Think about all the things I do now when I finish a book: write it down in my journal, delete the link to Amazon from my blog, add it to the completed books list on my blog, and then create a new link for whatever book I’ve decided to start next.

What about you? Do you need lists, little procedures that you do to show you’ve completed a task?

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