We Interrupt This Cooking Blog…

for a little gardening. Last night was take-out, I don’t cook on Wednesday nights, so instead of showing you our Vinny and Joe’s very yummy pizza, I decided instead to show you one of my flower beds. After having neglected my flower beds for about 3 years, I tried to bring them back to life this year. Of course, with the previously mentioned late freeze followed by a drought, it was not a good year to start gardening again.

I like the cottage style of garden, with lots of lots of flowers. Hoping that lots and lots of flowers means little or no room for weeds. In this bed, I was trying for predominately purples and yellows, with some pinks thrown in. The pale lavender flowers at the top is russian sage, the deeper pinkish purple spires in front of it are purple liatris, in the foreground are pink coneflower and pink wedding phlox.

The yellow flower, I believe is a type of rudbeckia. I just planted it this year and it is wonderful, all through the drought, it just kept on blooming. And right in front is walker’s low, a type of catmint. It is low growing, spreads wonderfully and has soft lavender blooms. I love it!

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