Grilled Pork Quesadillas

Everytime BiLo has a sale on pork tenderloins, buy one get one free, I buy them. I am a sucker for buy one get one free, or B1G1, or BOGO, however you want to say it. But pork tenderloins are especially tempting for me, one they are low in fat, and two, they are quick and easy to prepare. Are you getting sick of me saying quick and easy, well, get used to it, because until summer rolls around again, everything is going to be quick and easy.

What I love about pork tenderloins, is that in each little vacuum sealed package, you get 2 small tenderloins. You are almost always guaranteeing yourself leftovers. Now, that my youngest daughter has just left for college (let’s pause for a moment of sad silence, yes, I am an empty nester), we really have opportunities for leftovers. I never thought she was that big of an eater, but apparently I was wrong, because we now have food, food, and more food. So this pork tenderloin that I marinated and grilled on a Sunday, now can show up for 3 or 4 dinners even!

We were finally getting down to just a little bit left of the pork tenderloin. Not enough to do much with, but I couldn’t throw it out. So, these quesadillas came to the rescue. Since I hadn’t planned on making them, I just used ingredients that I had on hand. I tossed the pork with some carmelized onions and shredded cheddar cheese, folded a tortilla over it and grilled it. My grill was a little too hot, so they grilled in like 30 seconds, barely enough time for the cheese to melt. They were good, they needed something though, maybe some peppers or some seasoning! I served it with rice cooked with sundried tomatoes and a cucumber salad. And look, I molded the rice in a little bowl, pretty fancy, huh! It looked pretty, but it wasn’t practical, I’m a big rice eater, and I had to go back for more. Maybe I need a bigger bowl to use for a mold.
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