Pasta with Tomatoes and Bacon

When I have nothing specific planned for dinner, I invariably turn to pasta. Add anything to pasta and presto you have dinner. Even when the cubboard is bare, toss the pasta with a little oil in which you’ve sauteed some garlic and red paper flakes, yummy!

When looking through my refrigerator today, I spotted the 3 halves of roasted tomatoes that I had left over from roasting tomatoes. Leaning up against the jar was a package of bacon. Was it fate, that casually placed these two items together? Was it just happenstance? I’d like to think that some divine intervention occurred, because the result was truly divine!
Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and Bacon
Serves 4
1 lb linguini
1 onion, chopped
8 slices bacon, diced (more is always better)
3 halves slow roasted tomatoes, diced (again, more = better)
1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese (you know what I’m going to say here, right)
oil from slow roasted tomatoes

Heat salted water for pasta. Cook as directed, drain, reserving a 1/4 cup of the pasta water.

While the pasta is cooking, in a saute pan, swirl a little of the roasted tomato oil and brown the diced bacon, until is as crispy as you like it. If your bacon is very fatty, you can probably eliminate the oil, but mine was kind of lean. If you have too much bacon fat (is there such a thing???), you can pour some out, and then toss the onions in. Saute for a minute or two. I wanted the onions to still be kind of crisp, not totally limp. Add the diced tomatoes, just to heat through. Add the reserved pasta to the pan and toss to coat, add more of the roasted tomato oil, or some of the reserved pasta water if it seems too dry. Salt and pepper to taste. I served this with a healthy dose of freshly shredded parmesan regianno cheese on top.

This was amazing. The roasted tomatoes were incredible. The oil (and really I used a small amount, maybe 2 tablespoons), coated all of the pasta. I tried to show in the close-up the tomatoe-y goodness of it.

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  1. . . . says

    i have not wanted pasta this much in a long time. this dish looks so amazing– and your photos are fantastic!