WHB – Herb Garden Part II

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Last week for Weekend Herb Blogging, I posted a few pictures of my herb garden. This week, I will finish off with the rest of the garden. As I said before, my herb garden has done quite well this year, despite lousy weather.

Let’s begin with basil. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love basil and use it all the time. I have all ready harvested one batch of basil, pureed it with olive oil, and have it stashed in little jars in the freezer, ready to brighten up our winter meals. Last year, at the end of the summer, I made basil infused olive oil. I kept this in a jar in the fridge, were it stayed in sort of a paste kind of thickness. It was perfect for spreading on bread for an instant bruschetta.

Next you can see my dill, which I let go to seed. Behind the dill is rosemary and more tarragon. I rarely used the dill, but the rosemary was used regulary for roasted potatoes and foccacia.

This picture shows my chives and their blossoms. These are garlic chives, also known as chinese chives, which I use interchangeably with regular chives. They have a slightly garlic flavor and broader leaves. To the left of the chives, you can just make out one of my baby pumpkins! Last year, I used these to decorate my classroom and threw the rotted ones out in the compost, where apparently the little birdies found them, because I have had them pop up in two different places in our yard!

The big plant that has toppled over is fennel. It grew really big this year. In the spring it was absolutely beautiful, pretty enough to be an ornamental. I have never used my fennel for cooking, I’ve been afraid that if I disturb it by trying to dig up some of the bulbs, that I’ll end up killing the whole plant!

And this last picture shows what a jumbled mess it all is! It starts out nice and sedate, each plant within it’s brick lined home, but by the end of summer, all of the plants have tumbled out of their defined space. But I love the look, the different textures of the leaves, so I don’t fuss with it too much.

If you want to find out more about weekend herb blogging, clicking on the image at the top of this post will take you to Kalyn’s Kitchen, where you can read all about it. To see all of the entries for this week, be sure and stop by Thyme for Cooking, the Blog.
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    We had a very cool summer so by basil, thyme and tarragon struggled..but my dill! Some of it was over 7 feet tall! It’s never done that well. My garden is a constant source of amazement/concern/frustration/joy!
    Your garden is lovely! Great variety…

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