Blog Action Day – Do What You Can

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I just found out about Blog Action Day today! What a great idea, every blogger posting about the environment. Since I just found out about this, this is going to be completely off-the-cuff. But I thought that I could post about what things I do, to try and do my part. Because really, if each and every one of us, did one little thing, that would all add up. And if each and every one of us did 2 or more little things…wow!

Recycle – it’s the big one. We keep 5 tubs in our garage (no cars, just junk and tubs). They hold cans, glass, plastic, regular paper and newspaper. Once every couple of weeks my husband carts it off to the recycle center. I know it makes a difference because when I drive down my street on trash days, ours is one of the few trash cans that has the lid completely closed, most everyone has cans overflowing with trash.

Compost – If you’re reading this blog, you probably like to cook. And if you like to cook, you generate lots of vegetable waste. I keep a little stainless steel trash can (it might even be made just for composting), by the sink. It is so easy to throw all of my vegetable scraps in it. It has a plastic bucket inside, and every evening or so we take it out and dump it on the compost. With little effort, we are left with fabulous compost for our garden.

Avoid processed packaged foods – processed packaged food has everything against it. It is filled with chemical things I can’t even pronounce (none of which sound like food), it’s wrapped in packaging that creates waste and it’s expensive. I avoid packaged food and try and stay in the outer aisles of the grocery store.

Clean green – I have started paying attention to the chemicals that I use for cleaning. It cost a little more to buy greener products, but I feel much better knowing that I am not using harsh chemicals. As a bonus, I’ve found that vinegar and water clean my floors better than any other floor product ever has!

There are lots of other little things we do that are escaping me right now. I think that it’s all about awareness. Stop and think about what you are doing and ask yourself what could you do differently.

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    Cleaning products – the Solutions catalogue has cleaning cloths – Miracle Cloths, that do a great job with nothing, or a bit of water. I’d be lost without them.

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    My entire house has been converted to compact fluorescent bulbs. Buy the ones which are listed as 3500K to 4100K color, also called “daylight” bulbs, to get natural looking light in your house. They saved me 1/2 on my electric bill. I also plan ahead and order almost everything. The big brown trucks are out there anyway; let them bring stuff in. I go out to shop if I absolutely must on Friday night or Saturday only. Saves my gas & CO2 emissions. Restaurant supply house: large packages, they bring the stuff in in reusable crates, which I return to them. A family of 11 which only creates one can of trash per week is doing something right!

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