Caught in the Act!

You might think he is having a mug of milk or maybe some cream…nope it’s just water. This is Mickey and he loves water! I mean really, seriously, loves water. It is like a gift from heaven to him. When he is outside and he hears the faucet being turned on, he comes running. While you shower, he lies waiting outside the tub, for you to hurry up and finish. Before you can even dry off, he is in the tub licking up the small pools of water left behind. Every morning, while I eat my granola, he sits on the arm of the couch, watching and waiting. For when I am finished, I leave a little of the milk in the bowl and fill it with water…ahh nectar from the cat gods. If we leave any dishes soaking in or near the sink, he is constantly checking them to see if there is any water.

Silly old cat.

Oh and in case you were wondering. It only looks like there is a cat is on my kitchen counter. My cats know they are not allowed on the counters. And they would never, ever dream of doing anything they are not allowed to do.

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  1. says

    Of course the cat wouldn’t dream of doing something he isn’t allowed to do. Aren’t our “hairy children” perfect angels, just like our real children?

  2. says

    I love the pic. My old car used to sit waiting for me to turn on the faucet to brush my teeth. That was her favorite part of the morning. :) I always got a kick out of it.