Dishwasher Woes!

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My dishwasher broke a week and a half ago. The very next day, we went to look at dishwashers, I found one I liked and bought it. That was on a Friday night, I thought that I would have to wait till maybe Tuesday to have it delivered, but no, on the following Monday, they called and set up a delivery date of 11/17!!! 2 weeks later!!!! That is the Saturday before Thanksgiving and that it is cutting it way too close in my opinion. What if something goes wrong with the installation??

Washing dishes was one of the first chores I remember doing as a child. As an only child, that meant it was me, every single night. There was no sibling to take a turn. I hated it. I hated it in winter because by the time I finished it was too dark to go outside. I hated it in summer because it took up prime evening playing time. To me, knowing that there is going to be a huge sink full of dirty dishes waiting for you at the end of the meal, totally ruins dinner. And it’s no different now. I don’t have much counter space, so I do the breakfast and lunch dishes up to make room for dinner preparation, then I do dishes as I cook, and then again after dinner. My dish drainer, while cute and stylish, is completely worthless. It appears to hold around 4 dishes. So, I spend half my time putting the dishes in it for a quick rest, while I wash another batch, then I move those to a towel and load the drainer up again. By then end, I have towels scattered all over the counter with dishes draining on them. Apparently, I dirty a lot of dishes while cooking, and I’ve even stopped mis en place because just think of all of the little bowls!!!

Another consequence of doing the dishes is less time to blog. I used to write up the days entry right after loading the dishwasher and giving the kitchen a quick wipe-up. So, if you don’t see as many entries, you know it’s because I’m doing dishes!

I’ll leave you with a parting shot of my herb garden. It’s got it’s fall look to it. For those of you that might not recognize it, the little yellow flowers are tarragon. It blooms in the fall.

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  1. says

    I’ve decided I will know I’ve made it in the real world when I have an apartment with all these features: bathtub (not just shower), grabage disposal and dish washer.

    Dare to dream.

  2. says

    I have multiple dishwashers, but I run a minimum of 2 loads every day. I lost one this summer, and it took a week for my son to get another one installed. Of course, my daughters were conscripted to aid in dishwashing, and they were stunned to discover that machines don’t always do the dishes. I lost another dishwasher 3 years ago, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and it was not fun getting all those pots & pans scrubbed by hand, because the dishes for 26 people took up all available dishwasher space and then some. You have my deepest sympathy.

  3. says

    I’ve had dishwashers in every house I’ve lived in since we married (in Andorra the whole thing was stainless steel) except this one. We’ve never used any of them. Mon mari does the dishes (which, of course, is fine with me)
    He normally washes while I cook. Whatever is left he does in the morning before breakfast..
    Damn, am I ever spoiled!

  4. Pam says

    Kelly, I’ve done my time without appliances and amenities, but now I’m used to them and it’s hard to go back!

    Marjie, wow, 2 loads a day! I don’t have that much, but I was sill surprised at how many dirty dishes we have!

  5. Pam says

    Katie, when we first married, my husband did the dishes. But then when my daughters were old enough they did them, and now that they’re not at home, he never started back doing them :(

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