More Thai Food Coming Soon!

Does your mall have one of those discount bookstores? I don’t know their name, something like Book Warehouse, maybe. Anyway, I try to avoid going in there, it’s not good for my wallet. I even go so far as to park on the other side of the mall, so that I don’t walk by it. But today, my husband was driving, and he parked at the entrance right next to it!!! So, really, this is all his fault.

And this is also his fault.

But, look at the price! $5.99! How could I not buy them? I’ve actually had the Vatch’s Thai Street Food on my wishlist at Amazon.

Expect a flurry of Thai recipes and posts coming soon.

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  1. says

    We have a Books a Million, which is a discount bookstore. Going in there, or any bookstore in fact, is very dangerous! You can’t beat those cookbook prices!

  2. Dhanggit says

    i love thai food!!its always a good buy to invest on good cook books with good photos on it and great explanations..unfortunately in our city its kinda hard to find discounted cookbooks ;-(

  3. says

    I have recently been exploring and really enjoying Thai food. I have been building quite a collection of various cookbooks over the last six months.