Mangoes in Lime Syrup


Sometimes, for me, deciding what to serve with something is as hard as deciding what to serve. I love Thai food, and while a simple Thai curry served over rice can be a complete meal, I like to serve a light side dish or dessert with it. This recipe is perfect because it’s both.

Mangoes in Lime Syrup
(adapted from Perfect Thai)

2 large ripe mangoes
1 lime
3 tablespoons sugar

Peel, pit and slice the mangoes.

Remove a few shreds of zest from the lime for garnish, then juice the lime. Combine the lime juice with sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Pour the syrup over the mangoes, sprinkle with the lime zest and refrigerate until serving.

That’s it! Once you’ve made this, I guarantee it will become your go-to dish for Thai accompaniments.

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  1. says

    Pam, for a moment there I thought those were potatoes for french fries!

    A simple syrup that doesn’t interfere with the mango falvour, one of my fave fruits.

  2. says

    Sounds like just the right kind of dessert to have after Thai–simple, fresh, and delicious. I once had something similar at a Thai restaurant, but I don’t entirely remember the details. I do remember that it involved coconut, mango, and sticky rice and it was a great way to bring closure to the meal.

  3. says

    Sometimes, mangoes are just too fleshy and cloyingly ripe for me, but doused in lime syrup, they might be just right. I might make it less sweet, but then I love tart green mangoes.

    This is just a great idea. Thanks!