Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day! Snow Day!


Yep, don't laugh! We had a snow day today! No school!


Those of you who get any kind of snow regularly are probably laughing at my pictures. But here in East Tennessee, this amount of snow will call off school. When I first moved here from Missouri, I couldn't believe it, when they cancelled school, with what looked to me to be a mere dusting.


It's the mountains. Even a little bit of snow and slush can freeze on the mountain roads and cause slick spots. It's not safe to take the children on school buses on possibly slippery roads.


As a teacher, I appreciate this concern. Thank goodness for the mountains. I live in the valley, where it didn't amount to much, but I get a free day.


So, what did I do. Well, I baked, of course. Cookies and bread. And I took pictures of our snow.

The best part of this was that they decided last night. Usually I have to get up at 5:45 am, drag myself downstairs to the tv, and wait for the report. But they decided by 10:00pm! So, I was able to snuggle down into bed, turn off my morning alarm, and read a few extra chapters in my book. I love snow days!


Joy said...

Yeah!! Snow!! Good for you! We weren't so lucky in Knoxville.

Marjie said...

Having lived in Maryville for a number of years (and still having business interests there), the problem isn't so much the mountains as the fact that they don't have "those scraper things", instead relying on the mantra, "God put it there, and God will take it away."

Enjoy your snow day! Can I send you some of mine?

raidergirl3 said...

They never cancel school here at night, we always have to listen for the radio announcement. And we had 2 storm days this week. woo hoo!
I corrected, and made twice baked potatoes.
Your day sounds great.

(we had a little more snow than you)

Mike of Mike's Table said...

I miss the snow...having "hurricane days" just isn't something you can go out and frolic in quite like you can in the snow.

Beverly said...

Yes, I remember snow days when I was a child. Ah, but, I am a nurse, so I hate snow when I have to go to work and it never snows when I am off. We used to have a snow every year, but haven't lately...I am from Memphis..

Sharona May said...

YOu are so lucky. We were hoping for a snow day this past week but NO. Oh Well.

Sharona May

Chris said...

I am a bit jealous you had a day off...hmmm...lucky you!!