My New Love!

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In an effort to eat healthier and try to do my part to help the planet, I have started shopping our local natural foods store, Greenlife Grocery. It is about 15 miles away, as opposed to the less than 2 miles for my closest Bi-Lo, but I think the trade-off is worth it. After seeing the horrible way the animals are treated at regular processing plants and farms, I just couldn’t bring myself to continue to buy the mass produced meat at the store. I know it’s going to cost more (a lot more!), but I am hoping that I am helping at least a little bit.

The selection at Greenlife is wonderful! Baby bok choy, yes. Watercress, yes! Really I’m staggered by the gorgeous produce. But what is really amazing is the dairy selection. Who knew their were so many kinds of yogurt!!! So, I started trying a new one each week. But when I tried Seven Stars Farm brand of yogurt, there was no turning back. This stuff was amazing!!! When I was opening the container, a little bit of it got on my hand, and I licked it off, and it tasted like butter. Really, the top layer was like buttery cream. I stirred it all together, and this is seriously the richest creamiest yogurt ever. Yes, I know that this was the full fat version, but it was way better than any full fat version I’ve ever had. I used some of it to make some homemade yogurt, and used 2% percent milk, and it was definitely the best homemade yogurt I have ever made. I have since bought some of their lowfat yogurt, and while it was not as fantastic as the full fat, it was still the best lowfat yogurt.

If you have the opportunity to try some of this yogurt, please do, and let me know what you think!

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    I like to try to buy local whenever possible though I do not obsess about it. In fact I have some locally made yogurt in my fridge right now.

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    thank you for the post.. i luv plain yogart.. everything else tastes so sweet… i printed out yr recipe for making plain yogart… a friend of mine places yogart in paper towels letting it drain and uses that with her meals…

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    I wanted to buy more local as well and so I started looking into farms and CSAs…and it was really a shame because I simply couldn’t afford it. I had high hopes for local meat–maybe one day in the future :-/

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    Hi, I found your blog thru ley on the foodie blog. I live in Chattanooga too. I love Greenlife, I wish I could load up on most everything in there. I’ll try that yogurt next time, it sounds good.


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