Positive Thinking 101


Today I went to the office supply store and bought supplies for my classroom. Every teacher gets a limited amount of money that they can use to buy things that they need for their classroom.

Now, some of you pessimistic, negative, naysayers (and you know who you are), are thinking, but Pam, it’s April, school is almost over!! Why are you buying things for your classroom now?? What have you been doing this whole school year???

Shame on you people! Let’s look at what the positive, optimistic, glass-half-full people are thinking. They are thinking, why Pam, it’s only April and you are all ready buying things for the next school year! The next school year doesn’t even begin until August. Good for you!

Yep, I am so far behind that I would like to think that I am actually ahead of the game. What a brilliant concept this is. Oh, and after watching Jamie at Home on the Food Network, I find myself saying “brilliant” and “genius” all the time. In my head, I hear myself saying it with a lovely British accent, but I can’t do a British accent, so I just go around saying it in an odd, stilted sort of way. Sorry… back to my brilliant idea. All you have to do is get so far behind, you are ahead. Think of all the areas of your life that you can apply this to, like, I am so behind with last weeks laundry, that I am early on next week’s.

See, don’t you feel better about your life all ready? You can thank me later. And in case you’re wondering why there is a picture of Scrappycat to start off this post. Well, she ended up not being the harbinger of my early demise and I think that’s pretty darn positive!

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  1. says

    I love kittycats (which is why I have a dog?) And Scrappycat is adorable. And, hey, at least you’re getting the stuff for your classroom, whether it’s a little early or a little late.

  2. wyo says

    This is really nice (especially the British accent; I love a good British accent too, and am sad that mine is so terrible) … I hope when I get back to blogging that I can come up with something like this. (Probably not, but I am trying to think of the *possibilities!*) ;)

    Scrappycat looks lovely. :) I like how you’ve framed the photograph there on the stairs, too.

  3. says

    So, instead of doing fall garden cleanup from 2006 I am actually (currently) doing spring garden clean-up for 2009….
    I like this idea. I can live with this. Since I’m so far ahead I think I’ll take a break!