Garden Bunny


Just a quick photo of this cute garden bunny that we picked up at the nursery the other day! I love spring. I am so inspired to be out in my garden, it’s so fresh and green. I have to be careful though, I get all fired up and buy lots of plants and come July and August, I am totally over it. They are all wilted from lack of rain and the weeds are running rampant. Anyone else like that?

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  1. says

    Oh yea, I get the fever. Hitting the garden center every Friday, filling up pot after pot sprinkling them around.
    Sadly I almost relish fall when it comes because it means I can stop watering EVERY NIGHT.

  2. says

    I’ll be into the garden one day and totally apathetic the next. Unfortunately, this does not yield me the best of produce, lol. Time to strike a deal with the bunny to cover the days you don’t care about the garden.

  3. says

    I like your bunny, he’s so cute. I’m so excited right now about my yard. By August I will be so over it! One year I even read my entire Audel;s Gardening book (written in the 1920s) and had a little luck at getting some of my antique plants to multiply, but then I just got bored. But every spring, when the yard is brilliantly perfumed, I’m inspired again….(and my yard was a cow pasture for over 100 years, so I never need fertilizer).