Green is the new White

Non Chlorine Bleach

I’ve posted before about my efforts to be more environmentally friendly. As I run out of each non-green item, I try and replace it with a better choice. When I ran out of the standard chlorine bleach a couple of weeks ago, I purchased this non chlorine bleach. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for it. I mean what whitens as good as bleach? Well, this does! Actually I think it’s even better. My whites come out positively glowing. I know I sound like some sad housewife in some 1950’s commercial, but hey, a nice, white, bright load of laundry pleases me.

Now, in all honesty, when I purchased it, I didn’t even read the ingredients. But after I spent a few minutes admiring my laundry, I had to check what was in it. It is hydrogen peroxide and water. That’s it. I could probably make my own, but I’m not sure of the proportions, and after reading more on the back of the label, I will probably continue to support this company. Their factor was built with a grass roof for insulation, wood from sustainable forest and bricks from coal mine waste. That sounds pretty impressive to me!

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    There used to be a lot of coal mine waste around here, but with the value of land skyrocketing, they’ve found a way to start cleanly using the culm. Anything to get rid of those giant piles is a plus! I use peroxide a lot. It’s wonderful stuff! I also use vinegar to clean mirrors & windows. Sounds goofy, but it works.

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    Hi. I’m commenting on a really old post just in case anyone happens upon it in the future, like I have, through your “Going Green” tag! I’m a ‘going green’ nut myself and so I have to share a 100% natural thing to wash clothes! It not only cleans amazingly, without fragrance (I’m an allergy-prone person too and perfume slays me), but SOFTENS like you wouldn’t believe. They’re called Soap Nuts (big ole seedpods from a tree called Sapindus) and you can find them in some natural products stores or buy them online. I’m living in Japan now and can’t find them here but really, really wish I could!