Ready for Dinner!


I take most of my food photographs at my dining room table. Usually with hungry people staring at me rudely, waiting not-at-all patiently for their dinner. But sometimes they get into the swing of things and actually check out to see whose dish looks the best. Since I am most attracted to food photos with pretty settings, I have used that as an excuse to pick up placemats or tablecloths when they are on sale. Hey, I have to. It’s for my blog. So, when I found this crisp, white tablecloth on sale at Target, I had to grab it. Using a tablecloth really makes it feel like you’re eating a special dinner. And I know that the tablecloth needs to be ironed, but I don’t iron my clothes, so it’s really too much to expect me to iron a tablecloth. Besides Smudge doesn’t seem to mind.


How about you? Do you use tablecloths?

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  1. says

    I have been wanting to pick up some table clothes, place mats, silver ware, dishes, etc. for photos for a while now. I need to make an effort to head out and find a store with a nice selection of them.

  2. says

    Only at Thanksgiving or if we have company. My best tablecloth is stored on an upholstery fabric cardboard tube. As soon as I take it out of the dryer I roll it on the tube. Next time I need it, it’s easy to unroll onto the table and it never needs ironing!

  3. says

    I had to make one for our dining room table (but it seats 20, so who would expect to find one anyway?). I like to use it on the everyday table, but my husband hollers about extra cleanup (see my recent post about him hollering that pans are stupid, too). I’ve pointed out to him that the kids all seem to be neater if they think they’re creating laundry problems. And clearly Smudge has endorsed the “No Ironing!” policy!