My grandson turned one this past month. Unfortunately, he had a cold, along with with his mom, dad, and me! So, we didn’t want to plan too much of anything, but I offered to make cupcakes, this despite my total lack of baking skills. I can bake bread in my sleep, but anything else is bad news. Because of my lack of talent, I wanted to keep it totally simple and basic, so I went to How To Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food by Mark Bittman. I found a basic yellow cake recipe with a buttercream frosting. Sounded easy, and it probably would have been if I had followed the instructions, especially the part where it says to use 2 muffin tins! It just didn’t look like that much batter, but after baking, the cupcakes all touched each other on the top, I had to sort of cut them apart, so they came out looking like square mushrooms! But even looking deformed, they were really moist and tasty! I used all organic ingredients for this, and unfortunately, organic powered sugar is not very white. So my icing came out a sort of beigey-ivory. To try and perk up the muted icing, I topped it with cheerful lifesavers. I’m not going to post the recipe here, since everyone probably has their own basic cupcake recipe, just remember if it says two muffin tins, it probably means it! At least they looked cute in my vintage cake tin, which I never get to use, since I don’t bake!

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    My mother in law gave me this very same vintage cake carrier, which I never use because everyone congregates at my house, as we have the largest dining room! My buttercream frosting is always beige-ish, because the vanilla extract changes it from white; so it may not be your sugar!