Do You Want to Know a Secret?

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Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Now, that you are all singing The Beatles lyrics along with me, I’ll tell. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned the big five-oh. I kept it very hush-hush at school. Not because I’m freaked out about turning old!!! But mainly because this is such a busy and stressful time of the year. Unlike most teachers, I know ahead of time most of the students that I will have next year, because as a special education teacher, I attend their transition meetings. Which is some cases is good and in some not. Let’s just say, the other 6th grade special education teacher and I are not looking forward to next year. We have some really scary kids coming up. Violent, aggressive kids. I keep trying to tell myself that it will be okay, but it’s hard when you start worrying about something in May, that’s not going to happen until August. So, with all this on my mind, I didn’t really want to mess with the whole birthday thing. Kate, my darling daughter home from college for the summer, made me the most amazing flourless chocolate cake, which I took some pictures of and as soon as I get them off my camera and on to the computer, I’ll show you!

So, let’s try to think positive. Yes, I’m old, but so are Sharon Stone and Geena Davis, to name a few (yes, I actually googled “celebrities over 50″).

Also, there is one week of school left!!!!

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    Happy Birthday! I’m only a couple of years behind you, and I stopped admitting it a couple of decades ago. Looking forward to your flourless cake pictures!

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    Happy birthday. I know, birthdays can be tough. I recently turned 25 and it was hard as well. I’m sure it gets more difficult each year. But I hope you a good day, and how nice that your daughter made you a cake, and a flourless chocolate cake to boot!
    I too am a teacher, I teach Kindergarten. My grandmother taught special ed for 30 years…I feel your pain! Good luck. And only 1 week of school left! We have 3… :)

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    I’ve got to say, you have my respect for persevering in such a challenging job year after year. Rewarding I’m sure, but definitely challenging. My birthday wish for you is that this year you have an abundance of joy just as you bring so much enjoyment to those who read your blog, and that this time next year you’ll be celebrating all the successes you enabled for your many students. I’m not too far behind you in the birthday department and what I tell my girlfriends is that “we are no longer babies; now we’re just babes”! Happy birthday!

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