Oh Yeah! Brandied Cherries!

brandied cherries

I know that these look an awful lot like kalamata olives served over ice cream, and you’re probably feeling a little nauseous just at the thought of that. But it is the brandied cherries that I posted about here, back almost a year ago. If you were taken in by my step by step brandy making with succulent deep, red cherries, then you are sitting pretty just like me. That means you have a jar filled with the most delish cherries, perfect to spoon over practically any dessert. And let’s not forget the cherry brandy that these babies are floating in. See some of it poured over the ice cream.

brandied cherries

If you didn’t make these last year. And shame on you if you didn’t, then I encourage you to make some. Cherries are starting to come ripe in parts of the US right now. I’ll be starting another batch. Oh, yes I will. Because a basement pantry without a batch of these babies, is not a well-equipped pantry at all.

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  1. says

    I love it! I’ve been coveting the cherries now that they’re coming in season and this looks like a great way to continue to enjoy them throughout the year. I think I’ll have to make a jar or two of this (plus, I’m still excited about canning, lol).

  2. Pam says

    Mike – if you do the more involved canning method, be sure and post it. I would love to see the results.

  3. says

    Will do. I went out and did something similar the day I saw this. Granted, it will be a few months before I can speak to the results, but I’m looking forward to it.