Is This Happening to Anyone Else?

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My new hobby, apparently, is going to the store, getting something, paying for it, getting home and finding it not in the bag.

A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping at World Market. The place where I like to go to buy things that I don’t really need, but really can’t resist. One of the things I picked up was two teacups. These were a nice largish size, with a ceramic diffuser and a lid. Sort of like your own little mini teapot. I didn’t pay attention as I was paying, I was busy pushing buttons on the credit card machine, so when the cashier handed me two bags, I just took them, thanked her and left. I went straight home and started to unpack my goodies. No teacups! I only had 2 bags and they weren’t full, they could have easily held the teacups. One bag, ironically, contained only a tin of loose tea. You know, tea to have in my cute new teacups. I called the store, because it had only been about 20 minutes, and explained the situation to girl on the phone. She went up the cash register to check, came back, and said, “sorry, there was nothing at the register.” I told her that I had just been in there, I had my receipt, I had paid for the teacups. Again, “sorry.”

Then about a week later, I’m shopping at my local natural foods store. I make an impulse buy of some roll-on perfume made from some essential oils. It was on sale. It was cute. It would fit in my purse. It would make me smell good. Alas, I get home, no perfume. This I can kind of accept because it was really small, and I can see how it might get overlooked while bagging.

And then yesterday. I’m shopping again at the same local natural foods store. It’s a Wednesday morning, eleven a.m., it’s not crowded. As a matter of fact, it’s so slow that two people bag my groceries. Since this is a natural foods store and everything is organic and expensive, I don’t even have that much stuff. Three bags. After I get home and start putting stuff away, I realize that I am missing a box of tea. A box of organic, green tea, complete with Ginko Biloba. Not cheap. I look at the receipt. Yes, I paid for it. No, it’s not in my bags. Really two people bagging and they can’t see a box of tea.

I don’t know what the moral of this story is. Is this how stores recoup the money they lose from shoplifting? Am I just unobservant and irresponsible? Does someone really, reallly, really not want me to have any tea?

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  1. says

    That sounds really frustrating. I almost prefer to find the aisles at the grocer where there’s no bag person so I can just do it myself just nothing silly happens like a gallon of milk on top of a dozen eggs (really…not kidding).

  2. says

    I’ve actually gone back to the store when something like this happens. Once, when they refused to give me what I had purchased, I pulled out my cell phone, dialed the credit card company and started to cancel the payment due to fraud by the merchant. Amazing how fast the stuff I paid for got to me. Nowadays, with gas as pricy as it is, I order a lot of stuff and have it shipped, so I have proof of what I received. Yes, I have had short shipments (only two in the past 3 years) but in both cases the merchants replaced the items immediately. I feel your frustration!

  3. says

    That is so annoying! You know what really gets me is the way WalMart does their bags on that round spinny thin and I end up with stuff that is someone else’s. I just came home with someone else’s granny pants underwear and left my frozen waffles there!

  4. says

    you’d better believe that i would be beside myself if that happened to me even once! i’ve gotten to the point where i use the self-check-out whenever possible–that way, i can bag my goods the way i want them bagged, handle things the proper way, and be sure i have everything (or else have only myself to blame). never trust in the competence of other people… :)

  5. Pam says

    Mike – milk on top of eggs! Isn’t that the lesson 101 in bagging.

    Marjie – I would have gone back, but it was all the way across town, and didn’t seem worth the use of gas!

    Noble Pig – well that doesn’t seem like a fair trade, now does it?

  6. says

    That’s happened to me with minor things like a jar of salsa, or being charged for a pineapple when I never bought one. Stores have security cameras, you can ask them to check on their monitors if they don’t believe that you paid for such items.

    I always pull my cart to the side after check-out, double-check the receipt, double-check what’s in my cart, then leave the store. I’ve caught many errors that way.

  7. says

    This happened to me with a mackerel the other week. Could not figure out what had happened to it. Spent days worrying that I’d absent mindedly unpacked it somewhere weird in my house and that it was rotting away somewhere and I’d only find it once it had stunk out my house. And I had nightmares about it wandering around my house and touching my bare feet with its slimy fins. :)

  8. Pam says

    Grace – this store doesn’t have self-checkout, unfortunately!

    Wandering – I think I’m going to have to do that, just pull off to the side and double check everything, because this is getting ridiculous!

    Wendy – a mackerel!!!

  9. says

    This has happened to me on and off over the years. One thing, though, is the “Sorry” (bad customer service). I have always gotten what I had paid for—going to the store manager if need be. I am an honest person, and expect to be treated like one. Most of the time, they know it is not worth your future business to disagree!

    One time, though, I found that I had gotten the wrong change back from a twenty dollar bill at a local ice-cream parlor. I got the same “sorry” from the manager. Guess what? I haven’t given them my business since! Seems like they lost out on more than $20.00! lol

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