Slow Cooked Pork Butt

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A while back I bought a pork roast. I think it was a butt, but it could have been a shoulder, which could be the same thing, I don’t know, I find the whole butt/shoulder thing confusing. So anyway, I bought it with the purpose of slow smoking it and using it for pulled pork. But it has languished in my freezer because I am too lazy to smoke it. And to understand how lazy I am, you have to understand that I have an electric smoker. I have to plug it in. Yep, I’m too lazy to plug it in. But really, even with just a plug, there is some work. I have to drag the smoker out onto a corner of the porch, I have to soak some chips, and fill up a little bowl with water, and plug it in. But then I have to watch it and see if I need more chips, and then there is all that clean up at the end. What I wanted was some lovely tender pork to use in some tacos, and maybe an enchilada or a quesadilla, without much work.

I offer you people some of the best pork ever! It totally fits my requirement of little effort, but big results. You end up with wonderfully flavored pork to use in whichever way you choose. I served it first with tacos and then the next day in a quesadilla, and I put a bag of it cooked and shredded back in my freezer for later. What I like about this is that the pork is just plain good! It’s full of porky goodness, but not overspiced so you can really use it however you want. I have only one recommendation, after you put this in the slow cooker, leave. Leave your house. Do not hang around all day like I did. At about the four hour mark it starts smelling really good, at six hours it’s unbelievable and at about the 8 hour mark you are ready to gnaw off your own arm.

Slow Cooked Pork Butt (or shoulder)(whatever)

4 lb (or so) pork butt
1 bottle of beer
3 cloves of garlic
1 jalapeno pepper, diced
1/2 – 1 cup of cilantro
kohser salt and fresh ground black pepper

Place pork in slow cooker. Add garlic (I didn’t mince it, just sort of smushed it with the back of my knife), jalapeno pepper, cilantro (I just left it whole, didn’t even chop it), and pour a beer over it all. Generously salt and pepper the pork. Turn slow cooker on low and cook for 8-10 hours.

After cooking, remove meat from slow cooker, cook and shred. Use in your favorite recipe calling for cooked pork. You can strain and defat the sauce left in the slow cooker – it’s just as amazing as the pork!

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  1. says

    Pork butt, pork shoulder – same thing. I’ve been cooking a lot of these. Have you tried it with the McCormick Peppercorn Medley ground over it, and roasted at about 300? Absolutely wonderful. I cook those during the fall & winter with baked apples…great stuff!

  2. says

    Pork butt + slow cooking = YUM! Your recipe looks great! I’ve never seen an electric smoker; it sounds interesting. Pork is one meat that my picky eaters will devour, and I use the crockpot often during the fall. This will get added to my list!

  3. says

    LOL re the laziness! We just call it “lack of industry.”

    Yeah, people do not realize that it is actually A LOT OF WORK to stage all that stuff just to cook something!

    The pork butt looks great though, lack of industry notwithstanding.

  4. says

    i don’t know the difference either, but shoulder sounds a bit more appetizing than butt. either way, it’s definitely one of my favorite ways to eat pig. :)

  5. says

    The butt part refers to the barrel that they used to ship it in. It is a shoulder but “butt” is so much fun to say!
    I haven’t tried smoking meat before as it seems like a tremendous amount of work but slow cooking it is a great idea! Yet another thing to add to the list of things to try.

  6. says

    Boston Butt is pork shoulder. It is the upper half of the shoulder and the picnic ham is the bottom half of the shoulder.

    Awesome job and this looks beautiful. As a fellow smoker I can say many times I am way to freaking lazy to fire up the smoker.

  7. Seth says

    I crock pot a pork butt at least once a month. Each time I try something different. Last week I slow cooked in crock pot with apple juice instead of H2O added sweet Thai chili sauce, garlic, Chinese 5 spice, red pepper, sea salt and ginger. Had a sweet and spicy Asian style pulled pork. Great with white rice.

  8. Anonymous says

    Awesome….just did this yesterday with a 7lb…cooked in slow cooker on low for 10 hours….great recipe!

  9. Anonymous says

    just made this today before heading to work. got home and the house smelled delicious! of course it tasted delicious too. thanks for posting this recipe fellow lazy person. m

  10. says

    I think the shoulder butt is a little higher up where shoulder meets the back of the animal. Pork shoulder is slightly lower and includes the shoulder and upper arm of animal. Shape of cut is a little different. Meat about the same.

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