Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garden Friend

Praying Mantis

I have decided that Tuesdays are garden photo days. Why? Because, I can. There are so many things in life that I can't control: my students, my regular ed teachers, my husband, my daughters, my emotions (I cried over a dead possum on the way to school the other day...yes, I cried over roadkill), heck I can't even tell my cats what to do. So, certainly you will not begrudge me this one little thing that I can have some say over.

When I saw this cute little guy on some mystery plant (I planted it last year and forgot to label it), I had to take his picture. Don't you love the way they look at you? They follow you with their head, which is kind of cute and kind of creepy at the same time. OH..and for those of you that saw my picture on my Not-so-purple-coneflower , I have an update. First of all, I had big plans for this coneflower. I was going to save the seeds and then show the plant to some plant scientist. I would wow them with my newly created hybrid, which they would name after me, something like Pamicus Amazingus Coneflowerus. I would make millions. This blog would change from a blog about recipes that I cooked, to recipes that my personal chef cooked for me. Oh, I had high hopes. But guess what??? It has a disease!!! Not only am I not going to be a millionaire or have a plant named after me or have a personal chef, but I have to go out and pull up all my diseased plants.


Alicia said...

Fun pic!

When you mentioned teaching, I remembered a special from Starbucks that I heard about free coffee on Mondays for teachers starting Sept 8:

I'm not sure if it's valid in your area or not.

Marjie said...

Sad about the coneflower. So I guess you won't be able to eat the flowers to prevent the colds this winter, instead of spending out the wazoo at CVS for the supplements, eh?

Nice plant.

And, my oldest daughter spent hours sitting at a creekside 2 summers ago waiting for Animal Control to come rescue a dying raccoon, and had a conniption fit when I absolutely forbade her to pick it up and haul it to a vet ("I want no rabies and no extra vet bills in this house!!!"). So you aren't the only one who cries over roadkill. But animal lovers are the kindest people of all, right? So, go see if you can get Alicia's free Starbucks coffee, take your Tuesday plant pictures, and enjoy something!

Joy said...

Don't ever put two praying mantis (manti?) in a jar together. They're ferocious. It would definitely make you cry. Great picture.

Kevin said...

Nice shot of the mantis!

gotnomilk said...

He's certainly not camera-shy! Great photo - I love all your shots!

Natashya said...

Last summer we drove up to friends' cottage and ten minutes before we got there I saw a dead beaver. (although I live in Canada - I have not seen many beavers outside a zoo)
By the time we got there and were greeted, my face was red and swollen from crying. So I understand.
I love your mantis shot, he is a handsome devil.

Grace said...

i have issues with roadkill too, but mostly just cuddly animals like bunnies, squirrels, coons, dogs, cats, and deer. possums and skunks, not so much. :)

ley said...

Aww, how cute! I love adorable little bugs. I know they're supposed to be mean and vicious, but they're just so pretty!