Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chicken with Olives and Spanish Rice

Chicken with Olives and Spanish Rice

When I don't have much time to browse through my cookbooks, and I have a somewhat specific list of ingredients, and I want something fairly simple, I always turn to Martha. Her website, more specifically. The reason I like it is because I can search for exactly what I have, or what I'm in the mood to make. So, when I found myself with some spinach that needed to be used, a quick search pulled up Chicken with Olives, Raisins and Spanish Rice. The picture was attractive (I am such a sucker for a good picture), I would almost...almost...make liver...if it was photographed nicely. Wait, I have to stop shivering at the thought of cooking liver, okay never mind, on the liver. Back to this chicken.

This was pretty good. My notes on it, like several of the comments listed, are that it was bland. It was kind of boring. If I make it again, and I might, because I like the combination, I will jazz it up a tad. I think even just using some chicken stock to cook the rice and in the sauce would give it a little more flavor. That's the beauty of this recipe, it's a great springboard for creative ideas. None of which are coming to me right now, sorry, but it's been a long day at work! But what I really liked about the recipe was that I discovered a new technique for my rice cooker. After I cooked the rice in my cooker, I opened the lid, tossed on the spinach and closed the lid. I let it sit until I was ready to serve, about 10 minutes and the steam from the rice perfectly wilted the spinach! Then it was just a matter of stirring the spinach into the rice. This was a revelation! Why hadn't I thought of this before???

Bookmarked Recipes

This will be my entry for Bookmarked Recipes , which is hosted this week by Deeba from Passionate About Baking. I am not going to post the recipe, since it's a simple matter of following the link above. And besides you really should visit Martha regularly!

And for those of you still I was posting this, I was thinking, Martha, Martha, Martha. I was trying to think of why I was thinking it like that. Then I realized that I was saying "Martha, Martha, Martha", but I was thinking "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha". Get it?


_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

Oh, that's cool! re the spinach trick.

Also, I see we have the same archnemesis: liver.

maybelle's mom said...

I have never had liver, but it seems like a great challenge to take a photograph good enough to get you to make liver. Also, marcia, marcia, marcia--i think it too.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I'm a sucker for a good picture as well.

Paula said...

Ah, I bet Alice from the Brady Bunch would have checked Martha's webside as well! I could just hear her saying, "Martha, Martha, Martha" while Jan said, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" Great idea about the spinach in the rice cooker. I'm so tempted to get a rice cooker. Any recommendations?

Lisa said...

What is it about the rice that is described as Spanish? Perhaps a pinch of saffron would improve the flavor. As far as pictures go, yours draws me in and makes me want to try it while Martha's leaves me a bit indifferent.

Passionate About Baking said...

Thanks for the great entry for Ruth's Bookmarked event Pam. Yes, I'm drawn in by pictures too, & yours is 'very drawing in', if I may say so. It's beautiful...& I share your thoughts on liver. The spinach trick is cool too. I'm glad I chanced by your's lovely. Have a great day, cheers Deeba

Marjie said...

I love spinach wilted into the rice, don't you? Actually I love spinach any old way I can get it, so this would have to be a winner for me, wouldn't it?

noble pig said...

Mmmmm, what a lovely dinner! I love a good dish like this with a lovely glass of wine!

Pam said...

What a great way to cook spinach. The chicken dish may have been a bit bland but your picture is fantastic!

Peter M said...

Again, we both cook with the same theme (olives)!

I have a whole new appreciation of olives in cooking.

katiez said...

Or you could add 1/2 cup grated fresh tomato....
I just did something similar with zucchini...
But the olives... that was inspired!
Now I want a rice cooker!

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