Tuesday, September 16, 2008



For old-fashioned garden appeal, you just can't beat hollyhocks! In the second picture, you can get an idea of how tall they are. The terracotta pot on the walk way is 9 inches tall!



Marjie said...

Now those are some impressive flowers! Would you like to come plant my flower beds next spring? I'll feed you!

noble pig said...

Nice, I wonder if they grow in my zone?

Joy said...

Beautiful. I love the stone path too.

hip chick said...

HOLLYHOCKS by Vera Keevers Smith
Erect against the garden wall
they grow, the brightest flower of all
In crimson glory, side by side
they stand, sedate and dignified.
while with an equal care the rest
In softer pink and white aredressed.
They seem so confident and wise
to little children's wondering eues.
Like grandmammas they seem to know
The reason why strange things are so.

preppy little dress said...

wow, those look beautiful! thanks for sharing!!

Paula said...

WOW! Oh my gosh, not only do the flowers look beautiful, but, WOW, the stone path and yard look terrific! I don't suppose you'd want to swap your yard for mine?

Lisa said...

That is a gorgeous garden! I think those serene flowers must have stories to tell. Hip Chick's poem makes me smile, to think of grandmammas that know "The reason why strange things are so." Nice thought!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

Those are huge! lol, the only thing I can grow as big as that are the weeds on the side of my place.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I grew hollyhocks from seeds one year and they grew crazy. All over the place.

Did you know they're edible? Leaves and buds. I forgot if petals are edible too. I've tried to find recipes online but couldn't really find anything good. Just saute then? I haven't tried it. I came across that factoid a while back from somewhere.