Garden Tuesday – Bunny Love

Garden Bunny

We really don’t abuse our garden bunnies, I promise. But somehow, he lost his ears.

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  1. says

    Have we seen him before, or is he a different garden animal? Now he looks a bit like a squirrel, with little ears. Maybe he could be your Chubby Garden Squirrel.

  2. Pam says

    maybelle’s mom – I hope so too! It’s quite startling to find you bunny losing his ears!

    Marjie – no he’s a different bunny, I have three!

    Noble – bunny ears are delicate things.

    Pam – he does look like a squirrel now, doesn’t he.

    Paula – yes, bad, very bad.

    Natashya – “heard too much”…you are as bad as Paula!

    Lisa – well, he is only about 5 feet from my gnome. Hmm…