Garden Tuesday – Not So Busy Bee


Do bees take naps? I saw this big old bee on my flower and I rushed in to get my camera to take his picture. I snapped several picks of him, and walked around my garden. After awhile I realized that he wasn’t moving. So, then I was sort of sad, thinking I had been taking pictures of a dead bee. I went inside and when I came back out later, I noticed that he was gone. What do you think? Did he fall off? Was he eaten by something? Was he just taking a nap?

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    I love that pretty pink color that Not So Busy Bee is using as a foot rest! It’s so pretty against the green leaves. What’s your Fall weather like there? Could Mr. Bee be cold? Although temps here are in the upper 50’s, I’ve not seen a bee in over a week. Great shots of this guy … hope he was able to gather up some pollen before heading by to the hive.

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    Ithink they get vry sluggish inthe cold months. Perhaps he was just moving so slowly that even your camera couldn’t capture his movement.

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    Aww, I hope he didn’t get eaten! I found a big bumblebee on our sidewalk a couple weeks ago, just chillen’. I stopped my dogs from snarfing him up, and he was still there when I came back out later. He was moving a little bit, but not fast. I wonder if they get cold?

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    Beautiful picture.
    I think that the bee was in a Zen state, contemplating the universe and his role in it. And then eaten. The universe has its own sense of humour.