Garden Tuesday – Berries

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One of the many signs of fall is the profusion of berries that seem to develop almost over night. I’ve never understand how birds know which berries are okay to eat and which ones are not. These must not be okay because this cluster arrives every fall and lasts all winter. I keep promising to get all Martha Stewart-y and cut these and artfully place them around the house in cute little vases, but thankfully I never do. Because really, aren’t they gorgeous, exactly how they are?

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    These are lovely. I must have berries that aren’t ok too. I would watch the birds to see if certain berries were good to eat if I was ever lost in the woods. Which I don’t plan to be but you never know.

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    From the glimpse of the leaves these are a sacred bamboo, sometimes called Nandina. Such a pretty plant, with white flowers and those glorious red berries – we have some in our garden too (though it’s summer here in Australia, so no Autumn colours). The leaves are lovely picked and arranged in a vase – even if you keep the berries on the tree!
    PS – I just visited you via blogger’s blogs of note page.

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    Berries, i have just seen packed in nice plastic covers, imported and delicious to look at.. but the autumn pics in the paintings, books and various english movies does give a lovely romantic picture.. we donot have autumn in Southern India.. but a glimpse into your page just made me dreamy..
    I ve just started blogging.. and when you aer free do check into mine.. its new and totally south asian in mood.

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    Pam, sometime I’d love to see a shot of your beautiful yard! You always have the prettiest flowers and such. These berries are indeed lovely. They get me in the mood for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

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    We have the same plants here in Oregon, and all kinds of others that have lovely berries with evergreen type leaves. The old sweet gum oak out in my back yarn has our world on fire! Happy fall!

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    I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I just came across it today. I plan to check back every week or so for a delicious recipe! I have linked you to my blog as well. Hope you dont mind:) Thanks for posting.

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    The best I can do is cutting some holly sprigs and putting them in a big footed bowl. Luckily, holly will last a month, and that’s as Martha Stewart-y as I ever get!

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    What a pretty picture. Unfortunately, nothing grows where I live (the desert). So I can live vicariously through your pictures.

    Welcome to Tyler Florence Fridays – I can’t wait to see what you have made!

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    I have enjoyed all of your beautiful pictures. You do a great job. I love this one of the berries – I do think you should bring some in as a decoration. – you could enjoy them continuously!

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    Hi I think you sight is amaysing I really do like it I agree with you not to cut them because my mom once cut them and the die right away and the berrys dont grow back :( Well I will be back tomarrow to read more of you work!!!

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