Going Green Can Be Colorful

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Everyday, it’s the same routine. I get to school, and pull a kleenex out of a box, and shove it in my pocket. I carry it around all day, discarding it at the end of the day. I have a perpetual runny nose. I’m allergic to molds and since the ceiling of my school has huge water rings and collapsed tiles, I can only imagine the horror that must be growing up there. I started thinking the other day about all those kleenex and what a waste it was. Then I remembered something. Guess what I had hidden away in my fabric stash??? Vintage handkerchiefs. Lots of them. So, I pulled them out, laundered them, and even pressed them. I feel so prim and proper. But just look at how pretty they are. It is much more pleasant to dab one’s nose with these. Really, they are so soft, makes having a runny nose, almost enjoyable. I may even go crazy and wash them with a little linen water, so that I smell like lilacs. It’s official, I am an old lady.

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    Oh, I adore your beautiful handkerchiefs! They are so feminine and I bet you look so classy using them. You may start a trend! When I was little, I learned how to iron by ironing handkerchiefs. I like cloth napkins, too. :-)

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    Oooh. The handkerchiefs are so pretty. I couldn’t bear to use them to blow my nose.

    Haha. I’m an old lady too. I’ve been collecting vintage handkerchiefs for a while. I plan to turn mine into a quilt.

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    I think linen hankies have class and style. I lost the ones I had as a child when our home flooded during Katrina. I would have loved to have given them to my daughters. Who knows they may come back in vogue like aprons.

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    I just stumbled upon your blog and it is beautiful!

    My MIL gave me a stack of handkerchiefs before she passed away. Some of them have little story pictures on them to entertain children at church or anywhere else where they needed to remain quiet. Quite cute.

    While in college I carried bandana’s for my nose.

    When I was engaged a shower in a box arrived from my future MIL full of helpful kitchen stuff and cloth napkins in bright primary colors. We still use them.

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    hi, i now of another use for thoughs hankys, i have a shirt that i just love i got that uses them at the bottom. having allergy is not fun but you handle it so well. lobe you blog. s.

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    You are never old,until you decide to be.I know people who are 50 that act about 20.I`m 31 and i feel like a teenager. I hope to always feel young and to do things that help me to enjoy life,like you and your hankerchiefs.

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    My Aunt Ev was a very proper lady and always had a hankie for every situation and time, even beautiful Christmas ones. She died when I was pregnant with my second child and I cried when my grandmother gave me all of her hankies. My great aunt had noticed how I lovingly fingered them all my life and told my grandmother that she wanted me to have them… I still use them.

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    Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it, In the past I gave all of my friend’s hankies for special occasions. A lady should never be without her hankie. I been flooded with a multitude of wonderful memories. I shall once again give hankies as gifts.

    THANK YOU!!!

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    Saw you on Blogs of Note and thought I would come see you. I am an elementary principal and love reading teachers’ blogs the most! I love linen hankies, too. However, I am an old woman officially as of tomorrow… I turn 50!

    Love the photos of the cat. I am a cat person. I categorize people by whether they love cats or not!

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    Oh! What a fabulous idea! I am also allergic to half the known world, and never thought about using these. I just inherited a bunch from my grandmother!

    Thanks for the blog!

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    I have always been using those, because they are so much more delicate for the skin around your nose. SO I make my kids use those, too. And it’s so ecologic!
    You don’t need to be old to use such stuff, just need to go back to life basics!(That’s what I think…)

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    I have hankies. Try to put them in my pocket when I remember. I have a drawer full. I just can not stand the thought of using them for a full nose blow. Eew! I have seen plenty do that and back into the pocket it goes.
    Many in my church use them and no wonder they are all sick. Sick mom with a cold blows her nose and the proceeds to wipe sick children’s noses with the same one.

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