Picky, Picky, Picky

The other day while eating dinner, my husband suddenly stopped and said, “Wait a minute, what is this?” He then proceeded to flick a bug out of his cooked greens. It was a black bug. You know, a sort of generic bug. One of those that if you were to look in a child’s dictionary, next to “B is for Bug”, there would be a picture of this bug. Nothing too scary or nasty, I mean it wasn’t a cockroach or anything. He stares at me with a look that’s mixed with indignation and incredulousness.

Me: “What?! I washed them. He must have been hiding. They’re organic.”

Him: Still staring. Silently.

Me: “What?! He’s dead. He’s been steamed.”

Him: Still staring. Silently.

Me: “What?! Some countries eat them, you know!”

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  1. not know how to name says

    That`s not suprise.I can find more in our canteen hall.And the organ shoud be washed clean,it`s ok.

  2. says

    You know, my youngest used to pretend to be a dinosaur and I had to convince him to eat the leattuce leaves in the garden, not any old leaves off of any old tree. His older brother was scandlised. I’m not sure what was worse for him, the possiblity that he may eat a bug, or the fact that he was eatting vegetables unawares.

  3. says

    Oh dang….don’t you hate when stuff like that happens?lol I love your comeback about it being organic. That was greatness. I also have to agree with Frankie….maybe he can do the cooking next time. ;o)

  4. says

    I believe it is legal for even canned food to contain a certain amount of bug matter. It’s everywhere – he is lucky it was intact enough to spot and remove!

  5. says

    Wel, the fact is, we eat bugs everyday and do not know it. I am sure it’s in every canned food. Bottom line, if you can eat cow, or pig, eating a bug is nothin.

  6. says

    What is said at our house…

    “It just means that it really is fresh and pesticide-free.”

    Happens for months…then in the winter, you kinda miss it.


  7. says

    I’ve been known to be a picky eater but it never fails to amaze my husband when I pick a bug or stray whatever out of my glass or food and keep on going. Strange that I don’t have the same easy going attitude about brussel sprouts. :)