Raccoon Mountain

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Raccoon Mountain

I like to classify people into groups. Mainly things like… people who like beer and those who don’t, or people who’ll eat food that’s fallen on the floor and those that won’t. It’s either you do or you don’t, you will or you won’t. You get the idea.

One of my divisions has to do with sightseeing. You know when you visit museums or exhibits, and there is the thing that you are looking at, and then there is the little plaque next to it that tells all about it. Well, I think there are two kinds of people, those who read those little plaques and those that don’t.

What I’m trying to say is that I have no idea what the above picture is. I just liked the way it looked. Doesn’t it look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book? I think it has to do with electricity. My husband can probably tell you what it does, what it’s made of, how much it weighs, and who invented it. Because he is one of those people.

If you are one of those people, you can read about it here, Raccoon Mountain, or you can be like me, and just look at it.

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  1. says

    I Like the photo.

    I am one of the looking at it people! Although sometimes when I go around a museum, I look at the plaque to fill up time, while I am waiting on everyone else reading the plaques. My exception is, that I like to read plaques in art galleries to see who the artist is.

  2. says

    I’m a gawker who often forgets that there’s a little plaque anywhere. It’s like music–I don’t need to know the title to enjoy it. In fact, sometimes I’d rather not.

  3. says

    I have been there. We used to spend a lot of time up in Tenn. at Mount Eagle. Need to go again, I forgot how beautiful that particular view is from the Racoon Mt Dam website you referred to. Guess I am one of those who have to read it, haha.

  4. says

    I think museum effect should be other post, cause there are more kinds of people. Very little part of them are going to look at the paintings just for visual interest. The biggest part goes there just because everybody does to walk through and tell friends that I was there.
    Some of them are going to find out how these people(artists) earned fame, some of them to learn tech-stuff etc.
    Museums are traces of yesterday.

  5. says

    Yes, I’m a looker as well. Life is too short to read all the little notices in museums.

    Congratulations on becoming a Blog Of Note and now that I’ve dropped in I can see why you became one. I also liked the story and photos of when you adopted those three adorable girls.

  6. says

    It looks like a electrical facility according to my image about that.

    But compared with the picture, I’d like to memorize the vocabulary raccoon since this is the first time I (maybe yes, maybe no) to know its meaning.

  7. says

    hi there! i love your post. i think there are some things that are just so unique and beautiful that it may be better left, unexplained. gorgeous photos, and i hope to get to know you better through blogging!

    my mom teaches special education, too, but for preschool. it must be a challenging and rewarding career!

  8. says

    You’re right! It does look like something inspired by Dr. Seuss! Well, um, I’m a looker and a reader. I guess I stay true to my Libra root; you know — everything in balance! Fun post!

  9. says

    But what about the people who do both? I look at it for a good long while, make educated guesses on what it is or what it means… THEN I read the plaque and its like getting a new perspective. It makes you think.

  10. says

    those are insulators at an electrical power station with the cooling tower in the back…according to my husband :~)

    i think the photo is great, it says a lot about form and design and funciton… i love it.

    and i’m a long, long looker, then i read the little plaque regarding the artist’s intention.

  11. says

    I think I might be a bit of both. If something catches my eye, I normally like to take it all in, but depending how much it intrigues me, will depend on how much time I will invest in learning all about it.
    So with some things, I can just appreciate it for what it is, while others times I must know all there is to know.

  12. Doms Newkirk says

    I’m still woundering how the big springs has anything to do with food. either it does or it don’t.smile Doma Newkirk

  13. says

    I say yes to drinking beer and eating off the floor. Just not in front of polite company. 😉
    Plaques…. if I am in the mood.
    These look elecrical to me. Coils and what not.
    They do look a little like creatures though, maybe if you gave them hats…..

  14. says

    It looks like something from a super hero movie- like maybe a electric cage the hero has to get through in order to defeat the villian. Or maybe I’ve had WAY too many redbulls…

  15. says

    Agree with the two types of people comment. I’ve been recently talking about how there are people who stay friends with exes and those that don’t. Just thought I’d throw that one out there for pondering as well. Thanks for making me think about a few other dualities.

  16. says

    I’m one of the people that reads and researches everything. I like to know the answers. My husband is NOT one of those people and we recently discovered it’s not wise to go to a museum together because he’s out the door while I’m only half way through.

  17. says

    As a writer hopeful, this sort of thing is great. Sometimes it’s best to not know anything about something; that way the imagination is left to fill in the blanks.

  18. says

    Lovely!!! I am one of those who read the little bits of information on museum exhibits – but then again I work in a museum and write some of that sort of text – so I take a professional interest. Interesting blog!,

  19. says

    Wonderful photo – good composition with interesting colors. Wit respect to those infomation cards – I think I am a hybred – sometimes reading them – and sometimes getting lost in the exhibit. Thanks for the thoughts – and I enjoy your blog!

  20. says

    I just came across your blog and love it! I love your pictures of the food you make and I’m planning on trying out a few of your shared recipes. Thanks and keep ’em comin’!

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