Roasted Peppers and Goat Cheese Pizza


Yes, the ingredients that you saw in yesterday’s post, show up again today. But isn’t that one of the challenges that we face on a constant basis…how to use up leftovers in a creative, or if not creative, at least in an appetizing way. So, I had some of the roasted peppers leftover and some of the goat cheese, and I had been craving pizza lately. Do you ever do that, get stuck on a food? I had pizza 3 times in the past week, I finally feel like I’ve saturated my need for pizza for a while. I made a garlic infused olive oil to brush on the crust and used my favorite bread machine pizza dough recipe, only this time I was actually smart enough to make double the dough recipe and freeze one ball of it. Why have I not been doing that in the past???? Also for the pizza dough, I substitued the whey from the drained yogurt (from making yogurt cheese)for the water in the recipe, and it was great. It gave the dough a slightly tangy flavor, almost like a sourdough, but not quite.

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    I second Pam’s statement that your pictures are great! But in my house, we never have to deal with leftovers. Those which are not consumed by the hungry hordes for dinner become someone’s lunch the next day. I am surprised we have had no fistfights over who gets the leftovers.

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    I want that pizza. Really, I want THAT pizza. How clever that you used the whey from the drained yogurt, and that garlic infused olive oil you mentioned has set me to drooling. YUM! Great photo!

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    your crust looks great! and yes, i get stuck on food all the time. i tend to eat a food until i get sick of it and then move on to something else. and repeat. and repeat. and repeat. :)

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