Weekend Cat Blogging #180


Patchouli would like to say thank you to blogger for naming Sidewalk Shoes a blog of note!!! She would like to thank all of her fans and loyal readers (especially those that check on Saturdays just to see a picture of her, or maybe Smudge, or maybe Scrappycat), and she would also like to welcome any and all new readers!

Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted this week by CatSynth, who after having been recently hacked are currently temporarily at the CatSynth FEMA trailer. They promise to be back, even better than before.

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  1. says

    sorry for the double comment, but why don’t u add the “follow up” thin, so it is easier for your readers to come back and read u again?

  2. says

    I’m one of those not followers who only came to your blog by Blogs of Note but the just the cat in the title and the cute photo made me stay a while (spelled right?) longer. Love cats!

  3. says

    Beautiful cat! I miss my baby who is actually back home with my parents right now and I am thinking of adopting a little South American version to keep me company down here. Either that, or a cat-sized dog. Who knows…