Weekend Cat Blogging #181

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Patchouli learns that it is much harder to go down a tree than it is to go up one.

You know in those old “Dick and Jane” readers, Jane’s kitten (I think it was named Fluff), was always stuck in a tree. Then the nice firemen would come and rescue the kitten. I always thought that was made up, that cat’s were too smart to get stuck in a tree. But after I spent 45 minutes coaxing Patchouli down the tree, I’m not so sure. I was so afraid that I was going to have to call the fire department. Can you do that? Does the fire department really come rescue kitty cats?

This will be my entry for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging which is hosted by Niko and Cloud at Cats in Maryland.

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  1. says

    Ah, little Patchouli! She’s just so cute. Was she relieved to finally get down the tree, or was it all just a grand adventure? Did your other cat just roll her eyes, or perhaps enjoy the break from the wee little one for awhile? :-)

  2. says

    I had a cat who would climb to the top of trees, then look at the birds. I believe he thought they’d be confused, think he was a really fat birdy, land near him, and he could have some fast food.

    Patchouli certainly is a source of vast entertainment for you, isn’t she?

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi, I really love your blog; ecspecially the recipes. Oh, and if you’re from Ballwin, Missouri; then that’s awesome (I might live there…)

  4. says

    Hey, I’m pretty new here, but I’m really happy I came across your blog in the ‘notable’ blog section. I really love to cook, and to read. So your blogspot is a little piece of heaven for me.

    I do hope you’ll stop by my little blogplace sometime, give it a few days though, because right now, it’s pretty doggone boring. ~grins~

    Brightest blessing,

  5. says

    My gramma werked for a fire deepartment and sed that the firemen always sed “Yoo never see cat skeletuns up in trees or telefone poles.” The thing is, cats clawz hook one way — the way yoo need them to hook win yer kliming — but yoo can’t go down the same way. Sum cats can’t figyer owt how to bak down butt-ferst. Or if they got scairt up the tree, they won’t wunt to come down. So I’m happy to see that Patchouli got down. I’d hate fur anywun to end up like that cat in Seeatle.

  6. Pam says

    Noble – I’ll have to remember the hose trick, that might come in handy.

    Lo Christine – unfortunately I’m afraid of heights and can’t go past the 4th step on the ladder, so she easily gets out of my reach.

    Terri – how do you know that?

    Shabby – yes, it was Puff! Thank you!

    Paula – I think it was a grand adventure, but she was starting to get a little worried. Smudge thought it was funny!

    Jesse – I got her to come down finally!

    Marjie – how funny!

    Wyo – Patchouli says thank you!

    Matt- yeah, I talked her down, didn’t reach for her!

  7. not know how to name says

    I have a cat once more,and it is go up a very tall tree.For a lot of time ,it didn`t come down,but the next day ,I saw it again! Yes ,your Patchouli can!

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