Garden Tuesday – Christmas Cactus

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Christmas Cactus

I know..I know..once again my garden photo was taken inside. I know that’s cheating. But one: it’s cold outside and everything is brown, and two: my Christmas cactus finally was actually, really, seriously blooming on Christmas!! This is the first year ever where it was still blooming on Christmas and not only blooming, but looking quite smashing if I do say so myself.

If the sun comes out and it gets above 40, I promise, I’ll go outside and take a picture of something for next week. But I warn you, it will probably be brown.

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    The blooms are lovely! I have two Christmas Cacti and one is nearly 20 years old! That one has the palest pink color to it and it’s lovely but… it’s also a bit pouty. We have to move it to make room for the Christmas tree and when we do that it begins to pout and drop it’s blooms and buds until we move it back again after the Christmas season. The other cactus is the same color as yours and is three years old and this was it’s best show ever, although it didn’t last near as long as yours! =-)

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    I had a “Thanksgiving” cactus. It died last year after having it for a very long time. I think I forgot to bring it in out of the cold. But it was always smashing when in bloom.

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    Hey Pam, Your Christmas cactus is beautiful. It’s a great picture. I’m figuring out my new camera and hoping to get pics up soon. Blessings. Susan

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    I just want to say … it’s nothing more beautiful than everything what nature brings to our life. And your Christmas cactus is beauty for itself.

    All teh best in new year. I really like to read your blog. Sorry about my English.

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    Your Christmas cactus looks beautiful. Mine bloomed before Thanksgiving along with my Mardi Gras Plant. They were both off schedule this year and I don’t know why. I’m with you on the cornbread…keep it simple and good. Happy New Year!!!

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    I live in California and i have two Christmas Cacti outside. One is a double pink, the other a red. The red one catches the sun and the leaves are red too.

    They start blooming about Thanksgiving and are blooming now. Once your Christmas Cactus finds a spot it likes, it just blooms every year.


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    I love your photo!! I live in Michigan and everything is brown and muddy right now so please do NOT go outside and take a photo because you can’t top how gorgeous this one is!!

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