Garden Tuesday – Pumpkin


For your gardening pleasure today, I bring you my Halloween pumpkin. “But Pam,” you might say, “it’s almost Christmas. Why are you showing us an old picture?” It’s not old. It’s my Halloween pumpkin, still looking good as new. “Wow, Pam, what’s your secret?”

It’s easy I practiced a little TLTC on it.


To Lazy To Carve.

P.S. Please disregard the lousy paint job on our porch post.

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  1. says

    that’s a pretty pumpkin. don’t the squirrels eat your pumpkins? our one pumpkin became a hidey-hole for two squirrels! i’d come upon them as they would scramble out the pumpkin and scurry into the bushes.

  2. says

    Ours are wilting out front…after the little boys carved them they went on the pillars next to the street…where they remain…

  3. says

    What a beautiful pumpkin !
    I’ve got an itty bitty one that still looks pretty good, so I’m trying to figure out how to work it into my Christmas decorations. It’s too nice to waste, you know?

    And thank you Pam, for the sweet comment on my blog. You really made my day.

  4. says

    I almost took a picture of some of my pumpkins yesterday after they were coated with light dusting of snow. Yes, I still have my pumpkins out with the Christmas lights because I practice TLTC too. Nice pumpkin. Great color & shape.