Painting Kitchen Cabinets the Conclusion

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Kitchen cabinets

I just realized that I never posted a picture of my finished kitchen cabinets. For those of you that weren’t reading my blog last December (and I find it hard to believe that someone has managed to find me interesting for a whole year, so probably most of you were not reading it!), here is the link to my original post Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

They really came out wonderful, it was like getting a whole new kitchen! Well, except for the crappy linoleum floor and the ugly almond counter top. But other than that, just like getting a new kitchen. And just for fun, how many vintage tin breadboxes can you find in my kitchen? There’s no prize or anything (after all, I need a new floor and counter top, people).

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  1. says

    I see three, or is that four bread boxes? They look so nice. I haven’t gone back to see the “before”, but it does look stunning. I’m thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets. they are tacky as all get out. ugh! But seeing as how I did such a huge paint job right before Thanksgiving, I’m on vacation from any major home makeovers right now. =)

  2. says

    ah hah! I didn’t look above the cupboards! Sneaky, sneaky. =) I did go back and look at the before. Wow. It definitely is a huge difference. The paint really brightens it up. And makes it look “younger” LOL =)

  3. says

    They look great! Amazing what a new coat of paint can do. We have old stick-on tiles on the kitchen floor – from when we bought – there must be 5 layers of them. One day…..

  4. says

    I remember your kitchen post … hard to believe a year has gone by! Your kitchen turned out lovely … it looks so bright and cheery. Please come on over to my house and repeat the process in my very dated kitchen! :-)

  5. says

    oh my gosh! your cabinets are beautiful, especially next to your stainless steel appliances! :)

    and i didn’t even notice the floor or the almond countertop… only your gorgeous vintage containers and the beautiful, snow-y cabinets!

  6. says

    I love your cabinets. I have been “remodeling my 20 year old kitchen by piecemeal. I am going to paint my oak cabinets from the 80’s white, eventually. And I have to have a new countertop and sink. Already have the stove and fridge and dishwasher. all white, you think that would be too much white?
    I collect tins, but they are all bought new, except for a very few. I am thinking of getting rid of them all. I have been collecting them since 1985. So, I guess they are old now huh?
    I love you blog.

  7. says

    I see three (perhaps four) I can’t tell if the fourth one is tin, or wood though.

    You’re kitchen looks windwerful.

    I think I’m going to stop on my way home and get a regular mop. This swiffer stuff just doesn’t cut the mustard, and I’m done scrubbing the linoleum on my hands and knees.

    (just a short personal floor rant there, don’t mind the crazy person)

    Happy holidays and Bright blessings,


  8. says

    I think 5 bread boxes if there is one on the top of the cupboards. Really, really lovely kitchen. I happen to live in my kitchen and it is a ruddy mess! I would gladly sit down and have a cuppa at your table with you.

  9. says

    I read your question again and counted again and now my answer is 5. Five vintage tin breadboxes. Five! Five! Five! Five! Let’s sing a song of Five…How many is Five?
    So what’s the answer??

  10. Pam says

    Bigsis – I didn’t paint them, husband did. I am horrible at painting (or so I’d like him to believe).

    Rachel – nope, your counting cannisters.

    Natashya – my husband wants to stick something on top of ours.

    Joy – nope.

    Katherine – thank you!

    Marjie – thank you!

    Paula – thank you! It really does make it look new.

    Terri – I’m thinking about wood.

    Pearl – thank you!

    Kat – that’s how I’m doing my kitchen, a bit at a time.

    Splatter – I know, it’s so bright.

    Pam – Since I can’t get a new kitchen, it’s the next best thing.

    Andrea – thank you!

    SweetPea – I gave up on my swiffer too, except for quick wipe ups. I got an old fashioned cotton mop and it does the trick.

    Noble – thank you!

    Queenie – it’s a Maytag. I love, love, love it.

    Shari – thank you!

    Long – thank you!

    Chellebelle – you’re right! It’s five (that is one on top).

    Love – the link shows you the before. Just follow it and you can see my old cabinets.

    Joy – You’re right. It’s five!

  11. says

    I love your vintage containers. SO cute! If I could do mine over, I’d pick a lime and yellow theme, with lots of daffodils and happy crap. Though I still like my saffron and terra cotta darkness. :)

  12. blackberry says

    I like your kitchen. the countertop would work with a new floor, some nice deep color like a toasty golden brown or spanish red (orangeish).

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