Thanks For Making Me Feel Better – Not!

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Money has been a little tight. I’m not sure why, but we seem to be cutting it close lately. So, I put a voluntary moratorium on excess spending (kind of hard with Christmas coming up, but I’m giving it a try).

Then my youngest comes home from college and my husband arranged for her to go have her oil changed. I don’t remember what I said, but it was something along the lines of, “But, I just got our last auto service bill paid off.” He replied that it was only going to be around twenty dollars.

Do I need to go on? You can see where this is going…right. Yes, $600 dollars later, she now has new brakes, a new something, and a new something else!!

It gets worse. Later that day, I see my husband hunched over in the corner of our basement. I start to walk towards him and he says, “You might not want to come over here.” He points to the hot water heater. The leaking hot water heater. Then, he says, “Look at it this way, this heater was built in 1984. At this rate, if we get a new one, we’ll die before it does.”

I just stared at him and replied, “Really. Your idea of cheering me up is telling me that my hot water heater will outlive me.”

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  1. says

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I love it! Isn’t life crazy?!

    I went through the same thing yesterday. My husband called me at work (he usually does since he leaves so much earlier than I do and we don’t see each other in the morning) and after the pleasantries he said, “Well, I’m glad you are feeling ‘peachy’ since your oil change is now new front brakes, discs, pads, a new CV joint, and new front struts.” Needless to say, it turned into almost $1,000 instead of the $30 or so for the oil change.

    I feel your pain :~)

  2. says

    Isn’t that the way with things! Think you are ahead and then you get hit with inanimate objects clamoring for attention. Think of it this way though, you already were reigning it in so perhaps you are better prepared now to take on these new expenses.
    First time commenting, enjoy your blog much-ly.

  3. says

    Well, the new water heater won’t outlive you. It might last 5 years, because everything is built more shoddily of late.

    Our water heater is at the bottom of the basement stairs, next to my pantry shelves. Several years ago, on a Sunday morning, I innocently walked downstairs to get a new box of tea bags for my first cup, stepped onto the basement floor, and was horrified to find myself ankle deep in warm water. So maybe you should feel a little better about yours?

    Car repair bills are a killer!

  4. says

    lol.. what else ya gonna do but laugh in a situation like that!? funny how we make up our minds to make changes, and it’s at that moment that you realize that we’re not in control of anything whatsoever! hang in there!!

  5. says

    LOL It is always something isn’t it? I am trying to not spend frivolously too. And last night I ordered something online from Costco. Now I have buyers remorse. What to do???

  6. says

    Haha! Ohh, I’m so sorry. I completely understand. When it rains, it POURS. Hopefully it will get better for everyone soon, though, so we don’t have to start selling kidneys to pay for that flood damage! :)

  7. says

    I do this same thing around Christmas, where I say I am going to cut out the excess calories in preparation for the holidays…you know where that is going right?

    Isn’t it weird how the universe seems to know when you’ve set a goal for yourself?

    In your defense, a hot water heater isn’t really in the “excess spending” category. Sweatshirts with light-up reindeer antlers and sequins…that’s excess spending.

  8. Anonymous says

    You do not know me, but I felt compelled to commensurate with you on the spending. I spent the last few months being frugal so I could go to Boston for Thanksgiving to visit my daugher who just found out she and her husband are going to be first time parents. I had the finances all planned out so that I would still have some money for Xmas (I am retired and live on a fixed income, but think I better get a job). While I was gone the furnace went out in a house I own with my son (he lives there with wife and 2 young children). Of course they did not have money to replace the furnace, so it was left to me. Well….$3500 dollars later, I am wondering how I will get through the Xmas holiday without using a credit card, which I worked very hard to bring to zero balances when I suspected this economy thing several months ago. Yep, I thought retirement would be relaxing…har! I have had more stress in the past year than the 30 + years I spent as a single parent of three wonderful children. Who knew!! So now I need to find a second career, in a time when jobs are all but impossible to find. Another life challenge, guess that’s what keeps me young. Happy Holidays!

  9. says

    Oh hun..
    Sometimes there are just days when you can’t win for losing – and I guess this is one of those days, eh?
    Look on the bright side.. maybe the universe, or your women’s intuition “knew” this was going to happen,so you made the choice to cut back.
    I feel your pain though…

  10. says

    Yup, it comes in avalanches. We have Christmas, hubby’s emergency dental surgery, new snow tires…..
    I figure when I die Visa can just have my house.

  11. says

    College kids do seem to be all about unexpected expenses. And then the water heater?! I’m so sorry.
    At least you can laugh. And the blessings do have a way of piling up with the bills this time of year!
    Hang in there!:-)

  12. says

    Oh luv,
    My mother told me that I will have no money or time until all the children are gone and out of college… you are farther along this road than I am.. sigh. Water heater is indeed not in the compulsion buying catagory. For that matter, neither is a daughter in a safe car. I think you can safely say that the money spent will be important investments. Buck up.. you will definately be here long after that water heater.. We’re counting on it!

  13. says

    I know exactly how you (all) feel, we just had the MOT done on our car – £700 down the drain (not sure what that is in dollars these days – $1000? The exchange rates have gone crazy!) And that’s once a year, always on the run-up to Christmas.

    Keep smiling :)

  14. says

    My hubby has a saying, the light at the end of the tunnel, is realyl a train. It seems it’s always one step forward and two steps back. Hope things improve for you.

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