Tyler Florence – Hunter’s Minestrone

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Hunter's Minestrone

I make a lot of soups. In the fall and winter, at least once a week, and sometimes even more often. I love the warm comfort of soups and the ease of a hearty one pot meal. As I was chosing my recipe for this week’s Tyler Florence Fridays, I found Hunter’s Minestrone in Tyler’s Ultimate: Brilliant Simple Food to Make Any Time. I chose the recipe based on the ingredients and didn’t actually read the directions until I started cooking it. That was when I realized that this was not a one pot soup, it was actually a three pot soup. I found the use of three pots a little daunting (I am a bit lazy), but the techiniques in the recipe were intriguing.

The first thing Tyler has you do is simmer the garlic in the chicken broth to infuse the broth with garlicky goodness. I saved a pot by doing this in my soup pot that I was going to use for the soup, and then pouring it in a big 8 cup batter bowl. So, yes, I know a dirtied another bowl, but a bowl can go in the dishwasher a whole lot easier than a pot can.

Really, even with the extra steps this was an easy recipe. And I have to say, this might very well be the best soup I’ve ever made. It was light, yet hearty. Everything tasted so fresh, there were no muddied flavors. I’m not going to post the recipe, you can find it online, Hunter’s Minestrone , though the online version is slightly different from the book. The book uses 10 cups of broth and 8 smashed cloves of garlic. It also calls for whole canned tomatoes, which you chop up. And in the book, he has you infuse the oil with the herbs and then remove the herbs. I followed the book’s directions.

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    That does look really bright and fresh and satisfying. I always wonder when chefs have you making components separately, but maybe it is to avoid the “muddied” flavour. Beautiful soup!

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    I love soup, too. I can’t stand using extra pots, although my grandmother loved recipes that used every pot or bowl in the house. Guess that gene missed this generation!

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    i’ve never had much confidence in tyler florence and his recipes, but if you say it’s among the best soups you’ve made, i suppose i ought to give it a shot…even if it does dirty up three pots. :)

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    We LOVE soup at our house, and I cook it regularly. This one will definitely go on The List. Thanks for making it, yours looks scrumptious!

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