Vintage Ornaments


I mentioned in a previous post that in my attempt to Patchouli-proof our Christmas tree, that I had sorted out all of the glass ornaments. I really hated to be without my small collection of vintage ornaments (from my grandmother), and I searched around for a place she couldn’t reach. I found the perfect place! My dining room chandelier! So, until she learns how to climb a ladder, all is safe.

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  1. says

    What a cute idea. It loooks really neat too. I ditch decorating the tree all together and just put on lights and candy canes.

  2. says

    I swear I’m going to change out my dining room Tiffany lamp to a chandelier now…I can’t hang anything there and I like options. Your ornaments are beautiful.

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, I think they look wonderful on your chandelier! I think I may “borrow” that idea. Now if only I could stop my cats from playing with wrapping ribbon.

  4. says

    Great idea! The light will really bring out the colours too!
    I have candy canes hanging on my chandelier (my lowbrow version!).
    Your collection is lovely.

  5. says

    Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! It’s a good idea, too. My cat has broken a few of our glass bulbs this year that were hanging on the tree, and I was not happy!