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    Oh, what a lovely little face ! It looks like she has the same interests that you do..Just be careful that she doesn’t drool all over that section of the cookbook!

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    She’s been a constant source of amusement since you snagged Patchouli from that child on your porch, hasn’t she? Always in the middle of everything – the perfect pet.

    And the verification word is “cones”. Make Patchouli cones. Catnip cones, if you please!

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    Pam- great job on the kitchen…reminds me to post my before and after also.
    Regarding your books of 2008 – That list makes me want to weep, I’m so jealous !! I love to read, and have only read a few books this year…it’s been a wacky year.
    However, that insipres me for 2009 !! The best book I read in 08 was On Agate Hill………

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    I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time to teach your kitties to read. I think Patchouli is thinking about pasta with a meat ragu. Or maybe that’s me. :)
    Beautiful picture!