Weekend Cat Blogging #185


For this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging, I went back in the kitty cat archives of photos. This is one of my favorite photos of Scrappycat from a few years ago, all sprawled out under the tree. Now, that she’s old, she doesn’t pose for pictures much anymore, preferring to spend her time sleeping and eating!

This week, Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by Mr. Tigger and M-Cats Club!

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  1. says

    That picture is priceless. I remember how my cats would terrorize my tree every year when they were younger. They would grab the glass ball ornaments off and bat them around the room. Until they hit the brick hearth and break!!

  2. says

    Cute!! My cat climbs up inside the tree to nap. All glass ornaments have gone away and replaced with plastic. I think he enjoys the tree more than the children!!

  3. says

    That photo just needed a couple of little wrenches and other tools laying there with Scrappycat… It looks like the Christmas tree lights needed just a little tweaking and she was just the cat to do it!

    “How does it look from where you’re standing, Mom?”

  4. says

    Pam, you so deserve your break too.. The boys love the weekend cat blogging, and I think that I will be sucked into this too.. on their demand. We have 4 cats right now, and a dog. It’s quite a story, I’ll share it soon, enjoy your break!

  5. says

    Too cute! My little Sophie is loving our tree (too much). She is constantly trying to open the presents, eat the ornaments and play with the water. Silly kitty!