Garden Tuesday – Ivy


Until further notice (which means until I feel it’s warm enough to go outside) all garden photos will be taken inside!!

This is my ivy. It spends it’s summers outside on the front porch and it’s winter’s looking longingly out the window.

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    I can relate. I am hiding inside right now too. So cold out there. That is a healthy looking plant. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    What a lovely, healthy, happy looking plant. I’ve got a hydrangea that is indoors right now and it is sooo terribly depressed. I just don’t have the light for the poor thing. I’ve managed to keep it alive for two years now but it really is not happy in my house. Thrives in spring, summer and fall and cries all winter long! =-(

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    Just like you…summers outside and winters looking longingly out the window.

    And how else can you take garden pictures during the winter, except indoors? Stay warm, Pam!

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    Wow, that looks so pretty! What a green thumb you have. I really like that gorgeous table and lamp in the background. LOVELY!

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    Lovely :) I’m a little sad that most of my interaction with ivy is to pull it off the walls of my house before it pulls the house down… luckily we have plenty of garden where it can grow freely.

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    Your ivy is gorgeous. We keep our plants inside too with this cold, dreary weather.

    I’m starting to think my girls won’t being going back to school until April :s

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    Sounds like me…outside in the summer and looking longing out a window in winter!! A lovely photo of the ivy….great colour.

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    I’m with you on that one. I am definitely a fair weather gardener and photographer. Like your ivy I like to stay in during the winter months.

    Lovely photo!

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    Been a while since I stopped by, It’s more difficult to blop at home, I have a smaller screen. (I’m also usually distracted by the much bigger TV)

    I love ivy, and generally have silk ivy draped all over the place. I can’t find the Ivy box though, it’s around somewhere.