Garden Tuesday – Trees


Before you exclaim that I’ve gone all artsy on you and posted a black and white picture, look carefully. See, the little bit of brown in the leaves and the hint of green on the lichen? Yes, it’s a color shot, but the fog was so heavy, everything had been reduced to light and dark shadows. Lovely.

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  1. says

    Beautiful shot. Wistful. I believe the beauty of winter is missed by many because it’s more subtle. It requires the viewer to take pause and notice.

  2. says

    My days look like that here. Pray the Canadian air mass that’s attacking me doesn’t come another 600 miles south to you, because it’s supposed to be below zero for the rest of this week. I could not have handled that with the heating systems in Knoxville houses!

  3. says

    How beautiful! Beautiful to look at anyway… living with it might be a different matter entirely.

    We’re due to hit 107-110F today, so the air con was on at 5:30 this morning. :o(

  4. says

    Sorry but I love the doom and gloom. The weather is so beautiful at my house today I HAD to wear short sleeves showing my very winter white arms….argh.

  5. says

    Every season has its beauty. It’s been foggy here until the last few days and it’s been sunny and unseasonably warm. A nice break but we need more snow in the mountains.