How to Make a Teacher Smile

School Closing

Yes!!! No snow, just lots and lots of rain. What to do…what to do? Clean out the freezer? Bake cookies? Lie in bed and read??

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  1. says

    Lucky! All of the schools AROUND Knox County are closed, but not Knox County. My kids are in school today. Enjoy your day!

  2. says

    My thoughts…bake and read – that way, the lovely smell will waft through the house while you’re reading a delicious book, and you’ll have a pleasant treat when your goodie comes out of the oven. No cleaning allowed on snow days!!!

  3. says

    good for you! after slipping and sliding down my front steps, walkway and driveway, i drove/slid the whole way to school (just about a mile) and am wishing i could have stayed all snugged in my bed. don’t know why we didn’t have a delayed opening with all the ice last night, but it is mostly rain now. and delayed openings are horrible anyway (for the admins & staff).

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    RAIN!! Closing schools for RAIN? Not in Oregon we don’t.. day before yesterday, while John was driving Sam to school the creek that goes under the bridge they drive over was skirting the bottom of the bridge, but hey, it’s not over it yet… No Problem! I’m certainly happy for you, but that extra day will have your kiddo’s even more irritated about coming back tomorrow… at least that’s what happens at my house. Enjoy today! Put your slippers on and pet the kitties!

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    LOL! that’s hilarious! our schools were closed yesterday, [sleet] and today, school’s in session…with snow on the ground!!

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    Read! Play with the cats! And, yes, bake cookies, or even make ice cream! It’ll be fun. All the schools here are closed, too, but we have freezing rain, so the neighbor boys can’t come to go sledding with my boys.

  7. says

    Closed for RAIN?? I am totally jealous. We didn’t even close for an inch of ice and 2 inches of snow on top of that, and I drive 30 miles to work!!

  8. Pam says

    Joy – I hate when everything closes around us, which is usually the case.

    Katherine – rain or snow?

    Mia – I am enjoying the day!!

    Love – I like your thoughts on no cleaning on snow days!

    Queenie – last night they said delayed opening, but then this morning they announced closed. There were just so many roads closed and trees down.

    Shabby – great thinking!

    Chellebelle – it was a lot of rain. Flooded roads and stuff. This kids will be all worked up tomorrow I know, but at least I’ll be well rested!

    Shanster – that’s what I thought!

    Tracie – I’m hoping for some snow too one of these days.

    Marjie – freezing rain..yuk!

    Pam – a full week!

    Noble pig – is that sung to the tune of “shake, shake, shake?”

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    I’m reading this late, so … what did you end up doing? Did little Patchouli want an extra cuddle with you home? It’s a flooding festival out in Oregon, too, right now … sending sunshine thoughts your way!

  10. says

    Wow, I have never heard of schools closing for rain! Is there threat of flooding?
    ps, do your cleaning in the morning, so that you don’t feel guilty about napping later!

  11. says

    I’ve been teaching in the NYC public schools for twenty years now, and I can count the number of snow days on one hand. :(