Silly Tip

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Cooking Tips

Well, this is a rather silly tip, but I was kind of excited when I figured it out. So, on the off-chance that one of you might find it worthwhile, I’m posting it.

Whenever I am cooking, I am always looking for something to hold open my cookbook. Something heavy that will cause it to lay flat, but not so big that I can’t read around it. One day, I happened to lay my meat pounder on a book, and voila! It was perfect, heavy enough to hold open the most onery cookbook, yet narrow enough to easily move or read around.

See..silly I know. Not much substance to this post. But it’s first week back at school, and I’m already exhausted. And yes, I know I had a bonus snow (rain) day, but I don’t care. I need a nap.

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    It certainly doesn’t take up as much room on the pages as the coasters I tend to use do! Sometimes it is the little things that make life easier..

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    At first I thought that was one of those hammers the doctors use on your knees to check your reflexes. Then I decided it was too substantial for that. ha!

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    LOL.. not so silly, i think it’s a great tip! so many of my cook books used to end up w/ flour & other ingredients all over the pages from having to re-open the book when it slams shut! [not that i cook that much anymore..hehe]
    but thanks for the tip!!

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    ha ha ha! you are hysterical! and i agree, even though it’s the first week back at school, we are all exhausted and we all need naps.

    i keep telling the librarian (i’m a library secy) that we should hang a hammock in the store room. she agrees. :)

    p.s. and the meat pounder thing is a great idea!

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    The first day back to school is a bummer. I was glad the kids next door had a cancellation Wednesday, because it meant they came to play with my kids, and I got a break. Next week will be better, I’m sure of it (or so I tell myself)!

    I often lay kitchen shears or a long wooden spoon across my cookbooks. Sadly, I often have 2 or 3 cookbooks open at once, too. How strange is that?

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    And if the pages don’t cooperate, you can just beat them into submission!
    This makes a LOT more sense than using two cans, so I’ll have to drag the meat tenderizer out of the back of the drawer and give it a purpose again!

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    Brilliant.. simple, I love it and will use it. Yep, tired is the word, so is nap. Enjoy it, you deserve it! Sam’s teacher gets a new student Monday. He looked exhausted when he told me, I need to take the man Starbucks!

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    Good one…cause I don’t really use my meat pounder for anything else! Yes, the first week back is a ‘killer’. We also started all new classes, as you know. My Fitness class is one I team teach with a PE teacher. They work out everyother day, and make nutritious meals and snacks with me in the Foods Room. Have a great weekend. Natalie

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    I spent some time perusing your blog today. Oh, how much fun it was! It’s wonderful. I linked to this “Silly Tip” post. I hope you don’t mind.

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    This is a great tip! Hey … you could market this idea! :-) As soon as my girls when back to school, I started counting the days until they were off again. I really liked it when we were snow bound and not having to deal with the rush and hub-bub that usually occurs. Hope you get a nap this weekend!

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