Teacher Smiles Again

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Yes, my husband has a digital, talking thermometer. Men like their toys.

Okay, some of you people felt that my school system was very generous the last time they gave us an inclement weather day. So, I imagine, you might feel the same way when you find out that we are off today because it is too cold!!!

I know, I’ve seen the pictures on the news of the children, lined up, waiting to get in their school bus during what appears to be a blizzard. But this is the south, people. We don’t do cold. I saw kids yesterday at the bus stop in flimsy windbreaker type jackets. My typical winter wardrobe is either a jean jacket or a corduroy jacket and cute, little, black leather driving gloves (which I might add, didn’t even feel like I had gloves on yesterday as I was scraping frost off the car).

Some of you know, that the reason I am scraping frost off my car, when I have a two car garage, is because my garage is filled with stuff. Lots of stuff. I have eight chandeliers hanging in my garage. Eight! It’s a sickness, and unfortunately I can not afford therapy. So, you dear readers, will have to provide my therapeutic outlet.

Blogreaders: Pam, how do you feel about the eight chandeliers hanging in your garage?

Pam: It’s my mother’s fault.

Blogreaders: Pam, how do you feel about your mother?

Pam: It’s my mother’s fault.

Blogreaders: You’re cured!

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    It’s like 31 here in Oregon.. wow. Here we have flannel, and wool. As a matter of fact, some of the many things in my carless garage are boxes of yarn.. yep even wool, (alpaca, wool-alpaca blends…) some of it is my husbands stero equipment. My husband likes his toys too… I can’t blame my mom for the yarn… damn it, it’s on me.

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    My girls are off today too. They are so happy to have a four day weekend. My high school freshman went to school one day this week, yesterday. She was off Monday and Tuesday because she was exempt from exams and Wednesday was an Admin. Day…sheesh I picked the wrong profession. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. says

    i wish we had a “cold day” off today. that would be a nice 4 day weekend since we have monday off. it is 9 degrees this very minute and the kids are lined up outside. the bell doesn’t ring for another 5 mins. i am cold just looking down at them from my perch in the library office.

    a talking thermometer? hmmm… that might be something the king would like, he’s into weather tech.

    have a nice day!

    p.s. the word verification is fluallys … flu allys… flu alleys… flu allies… ha!

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    LOL..you crack me up! it’s -8 here right now.. BRRRRRRR so, school out here AGAIN today.. because of the low temps..yes, even in ohio!! my teen only attended two days this week. he’s happy though! enjoy your day off!! oh, and stay warm :)

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    At this moment, it is minus 16, minus 25 with the windchill factor. No schools are closed, nothing closes in the cold in Canada. The schools do seem to like to strike what seems like every few weeks here, though.
    Enjoy your time off!

  6. says

    Big discussion in the staff room this morning is that there isn’t some magic number where it is too cold to go to school – ultimately it’s a parental decision. It’s -22C here today, with no wind. That’s pretty bitter.

    But we’re Canadian and made of strong stuff. We definitely have more winter gear than a corduroy jacket! Sheesh.

    have a great day! I know how wonderful those surprise days can be.

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    How did I know your post would be about the weather before I looked! My kids had the OPTION of going to school today. Actually, it would be an excused absence if parents felt it was not safe for their kids to go to school. My kids stayed home. I am rationalizing it with the fact that my son does not have a heavy winter coat….he doesn’t need it…usually. I feel so bad for the teachers that had to be there for the few students that will show up. Either cancel school or don’t, but don’t make it optional. Enjoy your long weekend!

  8. says

    Oh to have a garage! Nebraska, yesterday high of 4, today high of 20! Hurray! But snow last night so windshields laden with snow… Thank goodness I can stay home and clean and knit and… =-)

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    I know the feeling. Trying to explain why our world shuts down at the sight of snow, or in this case unusually cold weather to my sister who came from Crested Butte, CO is not happening. haha.
    I love the cold, but it is cold,cold today. We in north AL just have a 2 hour delay for school. What’s the point? The high is 25. Stay in bed!!

  10. says

    Brrr … I hope you stay warm and cozy INSIDE today! Hope little Patchouli stays curled up and warm today, too. Isn’t this winter’s weather wacky?! I just rec’d a notice from our school that they are making up the snow days that we missed last month. My girls are not pleased. Loved your hubby’s new gadget as well as your therapy session.

  11. says

    Hehe, my husband has half a dozen temperature & humidity monitors scattered about the place – and his latest new toy is a power meter. None of them talk, though! Enjoy your day off :)

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    finding sirius, Andrea, lead me to your blog, I’ve been following for a while its great! I’m looking at a frozen harbour and just Tuesday had a wack load of donation stuff picked up by Cerebral Palsy, whenever they call I don’t even think I just say yes I’ve got stuff you can have!

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    The schools up here have had 3 “cold delays” this week, because diesel busses won’t start below 5 degrees. Yeah, it’s supposed to be below zero tonight also. And I have all 4 garages full. Luckily, my hubby contracted for the garage, and made them build it 27 feet deep (door to back wall) so there’s room for his crap along with cars. I love lights and chandaliers. I have a chandalier over my bathtub…yes, I know, it’s weird, but oh, so pretty!

  14. says

    Hmmm…a talking thermometer…what will they think of next?! My husband’s new GPS talks to him. And it’s a good thing, as he drove out to Rapid City in a blizzard last Monday. He says sometimes that’s the only way he knew where he was in the white-out conditions.
    I’m not sure what the criteria is for closing school here. We had a cancellation and two late starts. Then on the coldest day (-42) we had school at the regular time?!!
    Enjoy your weekend. Natalie

  15. says

    Oh dear, I was laughing my head off when I read your ‘therapy’ session in this post. I don’t have a garage, therefor I don’t have anyplace for eight chandeliers. I have nothing to blame my mother for, except maybe my anxiety attacks and my horrible posture.

    bright blessings!

  16. says

    Love your blog. I’ve been reading it for a while now.
    I see you teach middle school special ed. I am a librarian in a middle school. My most frequent patrons are from the special ed classes. They really need time to cool down in a quiet library. And they love my graphic novels!
    Hope you will check out my personal blog (listen2auntie) and my school blog which is at
    What subject do you teach?

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