Weekend Cat Blogging #190

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I purchased some fresh eggs from the same farm where I get my beef. This was the first time that I had tried their eggs. I was completely delighted to open up the carton and see this gorgeous array of eggs, from pale blue to a lovely spotted brown.


Patchouli found them every bit as delightful as I did.


I had one egg left from a grocery store bought carton of organic brown eggs. Up to this point, I had been pretty pleased with them. I needed to use two eggs for a recipe and cracked them both into a measuring cup. I wish I had taken a picture of it, because the difference was amazing. The yolk in the eggs from the farm was a deep orange color, while the grocery store yolk was a pale yellow.

This will be my entry for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging, hosted by Kachim at Paulchen’s FoodBlog?!

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  1. says

    I have a neighbor that has her own chickens and my Ben goes over and visits and “collects” eggs for her. He sometimes brings them home and they always are that deep golden orange color. cool huh?

  2. wyo says

    We get our eggs from a local farm now, and you are so right about the difference in color! The yolks are positively vibrant in the farm eggs, which are much more flavorful, too. :)

  3. says

    Good thing you have Patchouli to help. I don’t know what you’d do without her.

    I’ve never seen such colorful eggs. Don’t you almost hate to break them and lose the color?

  4. says

    Patchouli is lovely, as always. Do you wonder if he might think an egg is a terrible waste for what could be a very tasty Whiskas Temptations chicken-flavored treat?! =-)

  5. says

    That is so true. The difference between “real” eggs and the eggs from the store is phenomenal. Store bought eggs always look anemic to me compared to the bright orange color of farm fresh eggs. I miss that. Blessings, Susan

  6. says

    I want your kitty cat! Would Patchouli like to go to summer camp here in Oregon? I want some of those eggs, too! What can I say … I’m in a coveting mood! :-)

  7. says

    Which came first? The kitten or the egg? Wait… that’s not right…
    Such pretty shots! I say make Easter cards out of them.
    So great that you can get such farm fresh eggs.

  8. says

    Love the curiosity. Hee. So pretty.

    I need to take part in this cat blogging thing ’cause I always want to show off my girl. 😉

    Need to try really good eggs. Making mental note.

  9. says

    Wow, there is something quite appealing about all the different colors of eggs. The must be really good and flavorful as well, no wonder Patchouli wants to “help” :)

  10. Pam says

    Tins – I always have my “assistants” with me.

    Terri – I’ve never had one either, till now.

    Chellebelle – how wonderful to have fresh eggs so close!

    WYO – I knew there was a difference, I had no idea how much.

    Tracie – my husband is allergic to doggies, which is why we have kitties.

    Tater – I want chickens too!

    Marjie – I know. I can’t stop looking at them!

    Sherry – someone has to keep an eye on things around here.

    Judi – I think she smells some yummy chickens. You’re right though, these could have turned into some mighty fine kitty cat treats.

    Sweetpea – kitties are so easy to take care. I’m also a dog person, well, really any animal person!

    Susan – I really had no idea how much of a difference there was!

    Paula – yes, Patchouli and I would love to come to Oregon this summer. She’ll need an escort, after all.

    Scriptor – I saw your post on your eggs!

    Natashya – I was going to have Patchouli do some quote about counting chickens before they’re hatched.

    Melissa – Weekend Cat Blogging is such fun! Do it!

    Noble – you need to. I can just imagine the awesome baked goods you’d make.

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