The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook

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I think bread making is magical. To think that, for the most part, you take four ingredients: flour, water, yeast, and salt and make something so utterly wonderful as bread. I could seriously live on bread alone.

Unfortunately, I don’t really like kneading bread, I like eating bread. So, to the rescue is the bread machine. My bread machine,Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine, is quite possibly my favorite appliance. I know that it is one of the more expensive brands, but it’s reliability and wonderful customer support set’s it above the rest for me. My machine (most do) has a dough setting, which is what I use the most. I dump the ingredients in and check back in about 2 hours. I remove the dough, shape it, let it have it’s final rise, while I preheat the oven, and bake.

So, to go with this wonderful bread machine, I needed a wonderful bread machine cookbook. I have two favorites that I turn to, one of them being, The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook by Beth Hensperger.

This is a huge book, with 300 recipes! The chapters are as follows:

Daily Breads: White Breads and Egg Breads
Earth’s Bounty: Whole Wheat, Whole-Grain, and Specialty Flour Breads
Traditional Loaves: Country Breads and Sourdough Breads
All Kinds of Flavors: Breads Made with the Produce of the Garden, Orchard, and Creamery
Circle, Squares, and Crescents: Pizzas and Other Flat Breads
Sweet Loaves: Chocolate, Fruit, and Other Sweet Breads
Express Lane Bread: No-Yeast Quick Breads
Jams, Preserves, and Chutneys in Your Bread Machine
Bits and Pieces: Crumbs, Croutons, Crostini, and Toasted Appetizers
To Eat With Your Bread: Spreads, Butters, Cheeses, and Vegetables

I have loved each and every recipe that I have tried, from Country White to Honey Whole Wheat, from Roman Bread to Pain de Maison sur Poolish.

I have to give this 5 out of 5 stars, because seriously, this has everything and more than you could ever want to try!

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  1. says

    I do like Beth Hensperger – she does good stuff. I don’t have this one but I have her Bread Bible (also have Rose Levy Barenbaum’s Bread Bible – I am very religious about bread) and quite like it.
    Nothing like some fresh, homemade bread baking up in your own little oven!

  2. says

    I need this cookbook. I have a WestBend Bread machine and have only made the recipes from the book that came with it and have not been impressed with any of them. Just not enough flavor. I love to taste the yeast more, esp in rolls. thanks for the tip on cookbook

  3. says

    I rarely if ever eat bread anymore. I always completely forget to buy it, and when I get sammiches at Jimmy John’s I have them wrapped in lettuce.

    I envy anyone who bakes, or knows anyone that bakes homemade bread.

    I do sometimes remember to buy a baguette and the fixins for bruschetta … but that’s relatively rare and only when I’ve a hankerin’ for it. :)

  4. says

    I have this cookbook. I have a bread machine, which is usually used as a fancy dough mixer. I have been confounded by every recipe of hers that used barley flour. Mine never, ever, ever rose! Have you tried any? Any suggestions?

  5. says

    I don’t have a bread machine, but I’m enjoying exploring some easy breads. I’ve not gotten into much kneading yet. That bread book looks good, and quite complete. I’ll have to check her out.

  6. says

    Thanks for the review. I hardly use my machine because most of the recipes I’ve tried only have instructions for hand-kneading. I’m too much of a wimp to try and adapt them for the machine. Am going to check this book out at amazon :)

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